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McDonald's Corporation is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, located in more than 120 countries, with more than 34,000 restaurants worldwide, serving more than 68million customers a day.

McDonald's primarily sells cheeseburgers, hamburgers, breakfast items, french fries, salads, wraps, smoothies, milkshakes, soft drinks and desserts. On a seasonal basis, McDonald’s offers the McRib sandwich. Various countries, particularly in Asia, are now serving soup. The chain is quite popular for their local deviation from the standard menu, mostly employed to abide by regional food taboos, or to make available foods that are more familiar for the regional market (such as sale of McRice in Indonesia and selling beer in Germany).

McDonald’s claims that their popular ‘Happy Meal’ for kids, is the ideal nutrient package for kids, as the meals are an excellent source of nine or ten nutrients, depending on the combination chosen.

All McDonald’s restaurants in Kuwait are 100% locally owned and operated. McDonald’s Kuwait has more than 63 restaurants, so located, as to serve customers across the country.

Al Maousherji Catering Company is the owner and operator of McDonald’s restaurants in Kuwait. As far as Kuwait is concerned, McDonald’s has become a household name now.

McDonald’s Kuwait also supports various humanitarian causes through various campaigns and occasions such as World Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Earth Day, and spreading joy through hospital visits. McDonald’s Kuwait is also involved in several sports events promoting an active lifestyle. McDonald’s also helps in hosting kids’ birthday parties, making it the ideal place to enjoy a meal, play, and have fun with friends.

For details, visitwww.mcdonaldsarabia.com

Contact details of McDonald’s outlets in Kuwait

Maousherji Catering Company
Shuwaikh Office Building, P.O.Box: 20432, Safat BB0
Tel: +965-1822000 Fax: +965-24817155

Abu Hulaifa Magic Center
Magic Mall Abu Hulaifa, Tel: 23711920

Al JabiyaDivision 3 A Facing Al Jabriya Coop.
Jabriya, Tel: 25334848
Al Rai inside Dream mall Complex
LuLu Market Al Rai, Tel: 24746375
Al Zhra inside Al Zahra Coop - Block 4
Al Zahra Hawalli
Bayan Division 8 Al Dahiya Center
Bayan,Tel: 25394286
Chalets Fahed Ibn Abdul Aziz Street
Benaider Benaider, Tel: 99025801
Child Development Center Beside Al Nafoura Garden Al Mazzanine Discovery Complex Murqab
Discovery Murqab, Tel: 97218912
Coastal Road Inside Fintas Garden
Fintas Park, Fintas, Tel: 94061993
Corniche Facing the sea on the Gulf Street - Service Center # 3
Corniche Gulf Road, Tel: 25645020
Dabahiya Division 1 Al Khairan Chalets
Dabahiya, Tel: 23285732
Dahiya Al Siddeeq Damascus Street
Siddeeq South Surra, Tel: 99811436
Doha Entertainment City
Doha/ Ali Baba Doha, Tel: 24870363
Fahaheel Division 61 Building 22 Ajial Mall
Ajial Mall Fahaheel, Tel: 23915871
Fahaheel Division 78 Coastline Facing Al Quot
Fahaheel, Tel: 23919224
Ferdous Buses Station
Ferdous, Tel: 24802568
Hadiya Division 1 Beside Al Jalaa Lounge - Road 210
Hadiya, Tel: 23968652
170 Ibn Khaldoun Street- Zaina Center
Hawalli, Tel: 22655560
Jahra( Public Stores - Al Khaima Mall Center)
Jahra I, Tel: 24571758
Keifan Division 5 Kuwait Sports Club building
Kaifan, Tel: 24921424
King Fahed Road towards Saudi Arabia, straight after Wafra junction
Nuwaiseeb, Tel: 97283239
Kuwait International Airport, right outide the arrival hall
Airport Kuwait International Airport, Tel: 97203673
Mahboola Facing Aleya and Galeya Coast Road
Fintas, Tel: 23724703
Mishref Division 4 Mishref Garden
Mishref Park, Tel: 97212598
Murqab Sour Street (Ice Skating Lounge)
Ice Skating Rink Murqab, Tel: 22493026
Nuzha Coop - Al Dahiya Center
Nuzha, Tel: 22560801
Qurain Al Addan Division 3 Sector 1 Al Dahiya Center
Qurain, Tel: 25425288
Rehab Division 2 Al Dahiya Center complex Branches
Rehab/South Rabia Rehab, Tel: 24330060
Riggae Inside Riggae Garden
Rigga Park, Tel: 97218501
Riggea 5th Ring Road Avenues Mall
Magic Planet, Tel: 94061887
Salmiya Marina Mall Complex
Marina Mall Salmiya, Tel: 22244529
Salmiya Division 3 St. 6 opposite to Geant Market
Salmiya III, Tel: 97258897
Sharq Coop - Sharq Division 8 Al Sour Street
Sharq Coop Sharq, Tel: 22453354
Shuwaikh Industrial Sultan Center 4th Ring Road
4th Ring Road Shuwaikh, Tel: 24829389
Slayil Jahra Complex
Slayil Al Jahra, Tel: 24567308
Tunis Street
Hawalli II, Tel: 97298237
Tunis Street
Hawalli II, Tel: 97298237
Vegetable, Meat & Fish Market in New Jleeb Al Shuyoukh
Jleeb 2 Jleeb Al Shyoukh, Tel: 97286212
Yarmouk Coop Al Dahiya Center
Yarmouk, Tel: 99609753
Zahraa 6th Ring Road 360 Mall
360° Mall Zahraa, Tel: 25309590