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Beit 7

Wataniya Behbehani Houses No. 7Off Al Soor Street,Behind the Catholic Church,Usama Ben Monqiz Street, , Qibla, Capital Governorate, Kuwait +965 22450724 / +965 22450871
Beit 7 Restaurant is one of the unique places that you would go for ,international cuisine with a great ambiance ,chill music and shesha.
Around the corner from the Muse coffee shop, this charming restaurant is tucked away in an interior courtyard. Set in a coral-and-gypsum house dating from 1949 (and included on the government's list of heritage sites), with beaded lanterns, palm fans and wicker chairs, it serves French, Italian and Middle Eastern fare, plus good international and local breakfasts, and a rich chocolate fondue.

The Beit 7 is considered as one of the best shisha places in Kuwait City. But what standsout is the decor here which is a modernized traditional Kuwaiti style, and has quite an unique touch. The garden outside is vast, and dotted with tables, chairs and flowers. The tables are beautifully set with colorful linen.The continental breakfast includes a basket brimming full with croissants, french toast, and pancakes with a side of jam, honey, and butter. The oriental breakfast includes platters of falafel, fool, and nakhi with a side of fresh veggies. All this is followed by variety coffee and desserts, to complete the breakfast. People who love shisha will find it amazing here, as the shisha is served in the morning. The hospitality by the staff is wonderful too.

Hours: 7.30am-2.30am
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