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Fine Dining | Lebanese

Fayrouzeyat Restaurant

Al Shaheed Park, Soor St, Kuwait 22461270 / +965 2265 0053
Fayrouzeyat is a smart Middle Eastern restaurant serving great Lebanese food.
Experience Fayrouzeyat, a Smart Middle Eastern restaurant in a lovely setting with a large terrace and calming park views. The menu's mezze offerings are decent, including well-executed stuffed aubergine and cauliflower tahini. Larger plates include stuffed lamb with yogurt and kibbeh (meat-filled cracked-wheat croquettes) with rice. It's rarely busy, perhaps because of the park's unpopular nonsmoking rule. It's located above Three & Barista.

The restaurant forms part of a chain of specialized in Lebanese food, and is owned by same owners of Villa Fayrouz. Located in Shaheed Park, and well decorated, this place offers excellent service and food varieties, all tasting good, served in a friendly atmosphere. They have various kid on sweets for desserts, including unique candy cotton and dates dessert.

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