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Arabian Gulf Road, Kuwait Waterfront, Bneid el Gar, Kuwait 965 2254 1900
Nino is a very good Italian restaurant serving both Italian and great European cuisines.
NINO is a restaurant located in Kuwait, serving a selection of Italian that delivers across Qortuba, Mishrif and Salwa.

Their best selling dishes are Routini Sliders, Classic Margherita, Pasta Offer and Crave & Save Meal 4, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Appetizers & Small Plates, Pizza, Nino Offers and Crave & Save.

It is a very good Italian restaurant, right on the water upstairs. It has a good selection of food and they bring complimentary hot bread to your table, which is a nice touch.

Their overall service is great, and makes for a good place to visit if you wish to have Italian / European food.
Nino Kuwait European restaurantItalian restaurant