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Burj Al Hamam

Gulf Road, Near Green Island PO. Box: 26671 Safat - 13127, Kuwait +965 22529095 http://www.burjalhamam.com.kw/
Burj Al Hamam, the beautiful waterfront restaurant is the best place to sample great Middle Eastern fare.
This unmissable waterfront restaurant is a terrific place to sample Middle Eastern fare. Grilled meat and seafood dominate, but there's also top mezze, like dolma (stuffed grape vine leaves), baked aubergine and aged shankleesh (mould-ripened cheese). The focus is the Levant, but you'll find dishes from as far afield as Egypt and Armenia. Adventurous eaters can try lamb testicles and brain.

Burj Al-Hamam, Kuwait, managed and operated by Kout Food Group, was launched in 2004 and has captured market leadership as the prime Lebanese dining restaurant within Kuwait. A relaxing terrace has 270-degree sea views, and a dessert counter touts freshly prepared baklava. Shisha is also available.

Burj Al Hamam offers a wide variety of fresh, authentic and traditional Lebanese cuisine including delicately made Lebanese and Mediterranean mezza appetizers, fresh grilled meat and chicken, seafood as well as a wide range of traditional Lebanese desserts.

Burj Al-Hamam is Located within a prime area on the Arabian Gulf Road that is amplified by an ambient and modern setting which supports a Lebanese dining experience that continuously exceeds customer expectations.

The reputable perception build throughout the years has been empowered by a renowned and customer centric Team of professionals specialized within the field of top quality Lebanese dining, attracting an exclusive list of Regional and International clientele of diplomats and dignitaries.
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