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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is one of the few brands in America that can boast of having a rich 59-year history of success and innovation. It is world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, Colonel’s Crispy Strips, Honey BBQ Wings, and freshly made chicken sandwiches.

KFC has built its reputation for outstanding quality and finger licking good taste chicken, freshly prepared throughout the day at every KFC restaurant. All KFC chicken are said to have been freshly breaded in-store by hand, for perfect tasty coating.

KFC emphasizes on remaining committed to Gold Standard Quality, using only best suppliers who follow strict codes of practice on food safety, quality and halal procedures, approved by local authorities and Islamic authorities at countries of export. All KFC original recipes are freshly breaded in-store using a unique blend of herbs and spices.

KFC’s unique concept proved as popular in the MENA region, as it is throughout the world, and has grown to be one of the fastest growing fast food chains in the world.

For details, visitwww.kfc-arabia.com

Contact details of KFC outlets in Kuwait

KFC Kuwait Hotline – 1888666 (24 hours)

Kuwait City

Gulf Road (Exit after TGI Frida)
Tel: +965 1888666

Entertainment City, Tel: +965 889666

Wataniya, Tel: +965 890666

Solibikhat 2, Tel: +965 891666

Ardya, Tel: +965 892666

Solibikhat, Tel: +965 893666

Showaikh, Tel: +965 894 666

Rawda, Tel: +965 895 666

Fahd El Salem, Tel: +965 896666

Adailya, Tel: +965 897666

Dahya, Tel: +965 898666

Daiýa, Tel: +965 899666

Shameya, Tel: +965 900666

Kifan, Tel: +965 901666

Sea Side, Tel: +965 903666


Salmya Co-op, Hawally, Tel: +907666

Salmya , Hawally, Tel: +908666

Shaab, Hawally, Tel: +909666

Hawally, Tel: +910666

Gabrya, Hawally, Tel: +911666

Bayan, Hawally, Tel: +912666

Mishref, Hawally, Tel: +913666

Marina, Hawally, Tel: +914666

South Sorra, Hawally Tel: +915666

Salwa, Hawally, Tel: +916666

Mohallab Shopping Centre, Hawally, Tel: +917666


Khitan, Farawniya, Tel: +918666

Farwaniya, Tel: +919666

Andalus, Farwaniya, Tel: +920666

Rabia, Farwaniya, Tel: +921666

Airport, Farwaniya, Tel: +922666

Farwaniya 2, Farwaniya, Tel: +923666

Dajeej, Farwaniya, Tel: +924666

Avenues, Farwaniya, Tel: +925666

Gahraa 2, Farwaniya, Tel: +926666


Silayel, Jahra, Tel: +927666

Beuhring Camp, Jahra, Tel: +928666

Arif Jan Camp, Jahra, Tel: +929666

Mubarak Al Kabeer

Mubarak Al Kabeer, Tel: +930666

Qurain, Mubarak Al KAbeer, Tel: +931666

Mubarak Al KAbeer, Tel: +932666

Om Al Himan, Mubarak Al KAbeer, Tel: +933666


Ahmadi, Tel: +934666

Sabahiya, Ahmadi, Tel: +935666

Riqqa, Ahmadi, Tel: +936666

Fahaheel, Ahmadi, Tel: +937666

Zahr, Ahmadi, Tel: +938666

Navy Base, Ahmadi, Tel: +939666

Ali-Salem Base, Ahmadi, Tel: +940666