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Kuwait National Assembly approves demographic imbalance proposal

04 October 2020

The National Assembly has approved the demographic imbalance proposal. Out of the 41 members present, 29 have approved the proposal, which details measures on controlling employment rates and diving them in a manner such that they do not have a negative impact on the economy, the social constitution and the service sector.

Drafted by the Human Resource Committee and prepared as per the demographic statistics, the proposal was presented on the floor of National Assembly for discussion.

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Maryam Al Aqeel, the Minister of Social and Economic Affairs said, “the demographic file is very important and the government has comments on the report that was drafted by the Human Resources Committee. The government considers not to vote on the law until the comments are agreed upon.”

Among the articles of the law, one of them states that the Cabinet of Ministers should pass a decision within six months with regard to the number of maximum expats, taking into consideration the workforce as a whole and the weight of each nationality separately.

The article also included a fresh commitment to establish a mechanism for testing employment to ensure the necessary qualifications, specialization, experience, professions and crafts in a manner that suits the needs of the country.

Another article talks about the need to reconcile the conditions of excess of expat numbers for needs of labour market by establishing a time restriction of approximately five years, during which, the residency of the workers are either terminated or, they are not allowed to renew their residency, in the event that conditions follow executive regulations.

Emphasizing the importance of demographic imbalance, the article stipulates that the decision should be annually reviewed and it should ensure transparency by getting published in the Official Gazette.

As for illegal permit holders, the article stipulates that the procedures to be followed when labourers are leaked between various sectors, and action would be taken against those breaking the law.

Robin Vinod

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