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Kuwait Ministry warns against public gatherings to stop virus spread

14 October 2020

The Interior Ministry in Kuwait yesterday confirmed that the police are actively pursuing violators of preventive measures against the spread of novel coronavirus. The officers have suspended several public gatherings in the past few days.

The Interior Ministry warning comes at a time when the Cabinet is all set to discuss the health situation in Kuwait during its weekly meeting, considering the possibility of reintroducing lockdowns and other measures to curb the spread of the virus.

stop virus

The five-month long curfew in Kuwait was lifted on 30th August 2020, but, a ban on public gatherings including planning of weddings, receptions and parties involving members other than that of the family of the host.

The Director General of Relations and Security Information at the Interior Ministry, Brig. Tawheed Al-Kandari said that the policemen remain on highest alert to deal instantly in case of any violation of the ban on gatherings, and noted that necessary legal action would be taken against violators.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry in Kuwait has already announced that the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Kuwait grew by 548 yesterday, taking the total to 111,116. Three more deaths took Kuwait’s death toll from outbreak to 658 in number. So far, Kuwait has registered 16 Covid-related deaths in the past three days, apart from 1,675 new cases.

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