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Dhaidan Al-Ajmi Law Office

Salmiya, Kuwait www.dhaidanlaw.com
We are certified by different embassies located in Kuwait.
We specialize in:
• Labor Law cases
• Notarization
• Family cases
• Civil law cases
• Commercial/investment/banking cases
• Petroleum oil and gas field (which is the main activity for foreigners in Kuwait)

We can summarize as follow:
1- Drafting and conclusion of contracts
2- All legal consultation and legal guidance
3- Legal consultancy for financial department
4- We handle negotiations between two parties or more for an amicable settlement
5- All kind of coordination needed between internal departments and/or external administrations
6- Proficiency in Kuwaiti company laws and Kuwaiti regulations
7- We are proficient in Kuwait oil and gas companies’ laws and regulations
8- All legal administrative procedures
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