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    Kuwait to deport expats without valid driving license

    Toughening its traffic laws further, the State of Kuwait has announced that it will deport any expatriate caught driving without a valid license.

    Kuwait to recruit Indian nurses only through government agencies

    In a bid to curb malpractices involved in the private sector, the State of Kuwait has announced that henceforth Indian nurses would be recruited only through government agencies.

    Kuwait mulls introduction of corporate taxes

    Kuwait is working out plans with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to discuss introduction of corporate tax for local companies, the Commerce and Industry Minister, Abdulmohsen al-Madaj said.

    Conditional transfer of work permits may be a welcome move

    The transfer of work permits from one sponsor to another in government projects is subject to a condition of spending at least one year working for the first sponsor and getting the sponsors approval, as such a measure can help reduce the number of work permits issued to 70 percent of the usual rate.

    Kuwait likely to hire domestic workers from other countries

    The Interior Ministry, together with its foreign affairs counterpart is now considering the possibility of hiring domestic helps from countries other than those countries which regularly send these workers to Kuwait, revealed officials from the General Department for Residency Affairs.

Major Tourist Attractions

Attractions Kuwait The Kuwait Towers are the most famous landmarks of Kuwait. The Kuwait Towers are situated on the Arabian Gulf Street in Dasman, promontory to east of City Center. The topmost sphere of the largest tower (187 meters in height), has a revolving observation area and a restaurant with access to high speed lifts. The middle tower comprises one million gallons of water. Read More

Major Tourist Attractions

Pearl Diving: The Kuwayt Annual Pearl Diving festivals help the current generation to experience the hardship and excitement of pearl diving, which their forefathers once experienced. The festivals are a tribute to men who dedicated their lives to the pearling industry. The youngsters prepare in advance for the event by training themselves in sailing and diving, interacting with old divers and experienced captains, and get familiarized with the equipment. Read More

Welcome To Kuwait City

Kuwait, the prototypical oil-rich state, has more than ten percent of the world's
estimated oil reserves, and is a leading exporter of petroleum. Tourists, who look
forward to a relaxed entry into the Muslim world, can enter Kuwait, and wander around souks, mosques and other sandy traces of ancient Bedouin days. But, behind the extravagant
richness, lies the traditional values and warm Arabian hospitality.

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