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P.O. Box 10042, Shuaiba 65451 Kuwait, Kuwait https://www.kimmco-isover.com/
KIMMCO-ISOVER manufactures glass mineral wool insulation solutions for HVAC.
KIMMCO-ISOVER manufactures glass mineral wool insulation solutions for HVAC and other applications in its plant located in Kuwait. Solutions for HVAC ducts and pipes, offering the best combination of thermal and acoustic comfort, energy efficiency and safety.

We design, manufacture and distribute Glass Wool and Stone Wool insulation materials for building and industrial projects under the combined, KIMMCO-ISOVER brand. KIMMCO-ISOVER products provide solutions that make life more comfortable, more economical and environmentally sustainable

KIMMCO-ISOVER products serve industrial and building insulation market segments in Saudi Arabia, GCC, Africa and Levant countries.

KIMMCO-ISOVER products offer solutions to enable the construction sector to meet the increasing demand for ecofriendly and energy efficient building materials.
Stone Wool (rock wool) insulation products play a key role in the successful development of green and fire safe building solutions, as well as efficiently insulated industrial equipment.

KIMMCO-ISOVER products are made of high quality Stone Wool insulation materials in different shapes (slab, Wired Mat, roll, pipe section & loose wool) for all types of buildings (residential & non-residential) and industrial facilities. The factory is located in Yanbu, in the western region of Saudi Arabia. In addition to Stone Wool insulation, KIMMCO-ISOVER manufactures and supplies Glass Wool insulation from its factory located in Kuwait.

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