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TruAnalytics Management Consultancy Company

Office no 4, 9th floor, Sawaber 6 Complex, Mirqab, Kuwait 00965 99550048 https://www.truanalyticskw.com/
We are devoted in providing our clients with latest technology in accounting and business advisory service.
TruAnalytics was established by founders with huge experience behind them in 2019 with a firm belief to provide by creating a solid finance department and continue to provide the right direction to ensure that it becomes the pillar of any flourishing business.

Right Financials, detailed reporting, accurate budgets and variances, building up the credit file will allow for growth and offer businesses with the liberty to explore their imaginative growth possibilities. TruAnalytics has high standard of delivery and intent to provide freedom to our clients to concentrate on other activities of their business.

Our distinctiveness is due to our persistent efforts to develop plans, systems, and practices which are efficient and bound to bring results in various organisational administrative and financial aspect of the organisation.

Our key objectives is the build and develop institutions which are in start-up or SME / growth stage entities by providing the financial advisory, cash flow management, costing and lack of governance. We provide every accounting & finance services that would help to focus on your operations of your business to scale it up and achieve the entrepreneurs dream.

We provide a range of services which includes from the basic services of setting up the accounting department and book keeping and complex services of giving insight on financial reporting. We provide all the services required for the finance department of a Start-up or growth stage SME.

E: [email protected]
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