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Labour Ministry finalizes new regulations for Kuwait labour market

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour recently finalized the new instructions for regulating the labour market in the country.

As per the new guidelines, local firms can begin recruitment of expat workers from 1st April, based on the new regulations which fight illegal hiring and ensures that employers adhere to the labour laws.

The new regulations emphasize that a worker be recruited for a job that matches his field of specialty by way of academic qualifications and prior work experience. Further, a medical examination and clean criminal record from the country of origin are required to obtain a work visa.

The latest regulations also focus on transfer of commercial visas to work permits, which can be given only to businessmen and investors who implement investment or commercial projects in Kuwait.

Although, private firms have the freedom to recruit labour forces of their choice, the new regulations include measures to ensure that firms do not hire workers they do not need, or employ staff illegally.

In case a worker is caught working for another employer apart from the original one, then the license of his original employer will be suspended and he will be banned along with his first degree relatives from obtaining a new license for 5 years.

Before recruiting labour forces, a company should meet certain conditions, like having openings in its file at the Ministry database, having a record clear of labour-related violations, depositing monthly salaries in staff bank accounts regularly and recruiting the required percentage of Kuwaiti manpower.

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