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Expat employees must constitute only 30percent of workforce

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has approved a proposal submitted by MP Dr. Waleed Al-Tabtabaei which sought the Cabinet to prepare a plan for organizing the expatriate employees in Kuwait, in a manner such that they do not exceed 30 percent of total number of employees.

Speaking on this issue, the Ministry said the issue requires co-ordination among various relevant state bodies to agree on the quota of expatriates, on the basis of nationality and balancing the ratio, based on the number of citizens.

MP Al-Tabtabaei, in his proposal, also suggested that Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Secretariat General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Public Authority for Manpower and Ministry of Interior, and other relevant state bodies should be assigned to execute plans based on schedule that do not exceed ten years.

The Interior and Defense Committee of the Parliament approved this proposal during a meeting held on 19th March. Further, the Ministry also approved the proposal of MP Tabtabaie to hire policewomen at the driving training centres for testing female applicants.

Al-Tabtabaei has presented a proposal, wherein he suggested that Ministry of Interior should issue a decision to form higher committee comprising of a chairperson and members that will be in-charge of the issuance and renewal of expatriatesí driving licenses.

The proposal also said that the mandate of the higher committee would be responsible to look into receiving applications for renewal or issuance of driving licenses for expatriates, and to ensure that the applications meet the necessary requirements for issuance of driving licenses.

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