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The Avenues Mall

The Avenues is Kuwait’s ubiquitous shopping mall and leisure destination which takes your shopping experience to a different level altogether. Located in the Al-Rai Industrial Area and spread over an area of 301,000 sq. m., along the Fifth Ring Road, the first phase of the mall was official launched in April 2007. Every year, the mall attracts more than 20 million visitors and total business exceeds $1 billion.

The Avenues Mall

The mall is one of the largest in Kuwait with over 850 stores and services, 12 anchors, and a parking capacity for 12,000 vehicles. The mall has been divided into four phases. The Avenues blends tradition and modernity, and the architecture sets new standards of contemporary building in the Arab world. The pattern of the 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue reflects the natural forms of the rock formation, desert sand dune and the sky.

1st Avenue

The design of the 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue mirror the natural lines of the Arabian Desert. The 1st Avenue houses over 200 lifestyle stores including renowned international brands, Cineplex, restaurant and an IKEA showroom.The first avenue is expansive with wide corridors. The Cinescape Cinema area (including a VIP Cinema) has 11screens and the entrance lobby columns as well as back lobby columns are strikingly decorated using color changing luminaires from Martin Professional.

Brands / Stores

The first avenue has lot of international store such as Claire’s, Zoppini store, Ajmal, Faces, Bobbi brown, Austin reed, Henry Lloyd, Dorothy Perkins, Mango, Monsoon, Oasis, bodyshop2, I city, Jules, Uterque etc.


Location: Ground floor, Contact no: 24954617


Location: Ground floor, Contact no: 22597125

Henry Lloyd

Location: First floor, Contact no: 22597386


Location: First floor, Contact no: 22597272

2nd Avenue

The best thing about the second avenue is that the glass roof here is designed in such a way to let the sun to light up the internal area, giving an outdoor feel. The district houses over 200 plus higher-end shops with a variety of prominent international designer brands, a large food court, an outdoor dining venue and outdoor fountains .This district houses the first Carrefour Hypermarket in Kuwait. Few of the renowned international brands are Braccialani, Claire’s, Foular, Fuchia, Sony, Kiehl’s, Spa time, Magic planet, Mothercare, Petit, Boggi, Celio, Eden park, Basler, Diva, Evans, Lily, Limelight, Calvin clein, Anne clein etc.


Location: Ground floor, Contact no: 22597829

Mont Blanc

Location: Ground floor, Contact no: 22597633

Pieere Cardin

Location: First floor, Contact no: 22597566

Lee & Wrangler

Location: First floor, Contact no: 22597091


Prestige is the district of elegance and luxury, with inimitable architectural designs reflecting in the use of copper and the rare 'Portoro' stone, imported from the mountains of Italy. This district is considered the largest luxury shopping destination in Kuwait and houses high-end brands and the finest international cafes and restaurants. Visitors will get plunged into the luxurious experience andwill get amazed with themagnificent dome with its unique twinkle lighting in the rotunda, as well as the water fountain that is visible from the first floor. It houses retail outlets such as Berlutti, Dolce & Gabbana, Harvey Nichols, Chanel, Burberry, PRADA, Valentino, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

Grand Avenue

Inspired by both Oxford Street in London and Champs-Elysees in Paris, Grand avenue is a mall within a mall, something that is totally different from any of the previous mall experiences in Kuwait. The Avenues is now officially the #1 mall in KuwaitWith the opening of Phase III. The climate-controlled ceiling makes visitors shopping a pleasure and alsoitgives the feeling that they are walking down a tree-lined grand shopping thoroughfare with its streetlights and metro directional signage. There are first time stores opened in Kuwait in this avenue like West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, Sarar, Pink, Teavana, Jo Malone etc. And new branches for existing stores such as Starbucks, MAC, Juicy Couture, pinkberry, London, Vilebrequin, H & M etc.

The Mall

With the inception of the Mall, the shopping experience in Avenues is raised to an all new height as it is an extension of the typical mall environment and the existing shopping experience at the first 2 Avenues. It houses a variety of renowned international stores, many of them are opening their stores in Kuwait for the first time making it a new home of world famous brands. Moreover, this district has the Jewelry Zone, an exclusive retail outlet where both colour and design portray a high value façade to display the magnificent masterpieces of jewellery, exquisite stones and diamonds for luxury shoppers. Also, the leading world brand in children’s entertainment and education, Kidzania is available in this Mall. This also includes River Island, Boots, Swiss line, The Body Shop, Dune, Clair's, mothercare, Faces etc.


If ever you thought that Phase I&II were magnificent enough for you to give blisters, you have to check the SoKu.The funky SoKu is influenced by New York’s bohemian Soho district with touches of modern architecture as well as its timber and brick elementsoffers an iconic urban shopping experience that attracts young visitors. It is the best place for teen-agers and youngsters to hang out and chill with friends asthe district is perfectly poised to line up with leading youth brands.

The Souk

The Souk brings back the feeling of old Kuwait, it is an interpretation of the region’s traditional retail architecture and resembles a traditional Kuwaiti souk with the characteristics of the Souk environment, including many small shops based on design of old Kuwait City and a maze of narrow lanes inside the Souk. A stylishly designed ceiling in the traditional style of ‘Chandal’ and ‘Basjeel’ as well as Rendered timber windows, riveted doors which is used in building The Souk was inspired from The Old Souk.

Cafes / Restaurants

Few of the greatest cafes in Kuwait, located in this mall. After shopping, Visitors can enjoy their food with the great service.


Location: 1st Avenue First floor, Contact no: 22597293

Lorenzino Cafe

Location: 1st Avenue First floor, Contact no: 22597373

Pizza express

Location: 1st Avenue First floor, Contact no: 24954767

Tche Tche cafe

Location: 1st Avenue Ground floor, Contact no: 22597214

Caribou coffee

Location: 2nd Avenue Ground floor, Contact no: 22597669

Columbus cafe

Location: 2nd Avenue Ground floor, Contact no: 22597036


Location: 2nd Avenue Ground floor, Contact no: 22597950

Fauchon Le cafe

Location: Prestige, Contact no: 22200666

Nestle toll house

Location: Soku, Contact no: 22200669


Location: Grand avenue Level D, Contact no: 24954528

Olive garden

Location: Grand avenue Level M, Contact no: 22200531

Other events / promotions

Public Awareness campaigns with new concept of exhibition are conducted frequently in this mall. Haemophilia awareness campaign was conducted in May and Environment month was celebrated in April in collaboration with Environment Public Authority & Edara Group. Spa time in this mall Provide the highest quality of Nail Salon and Spa services, offering environmental lifestyle products maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

Contact details

Address: Al-Rai- 5th Ring Road- Between Ghazali Street & Mohammed Bin Alqasem Street, Kuwait

Phone: +965 22597777