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Shopping Malls in Kuwait

Traditional Open air and Friday Markets

Despite the abundance of modern supermarkets and shopping malls, the traditional markets still continue to attract business in Kuwait. The souk area of Central Kuwait City retains some of its labyrinths of covered streets, with the passageways lined with shops and stalls. The shops specialize in particular items, including hardware, clothing, spices, that are still open for business.

In the souk Al-Hareem, for instance, women sell their wares sitting on a raised pedestal running down from the street. Shopping here is a better bargain in comparison to the modern supermarkets and shopping malls, but bargaining is essential to arrive at a good price.

Traditional souks are seen particularly in the Jahra and Fahaheel areas of Kuwait. Several of these souks have been re-formed and re-organized. Bargaining is essential.

Moreover, several open air Friday markets operate from early morning till evening on Fridays, selling everything from second-hand furnitures, to clothes, carpets, livestock of various types, and more. Majority of such souks are at Al-Rai, located just off the 4th Ring Road in Fahaheel and Jahra.

There are also several food shops selling chilled or frozen products, and canned and preserved foods. Majority of the large souks for fresh foods are in Fahaheel and Shuwaikh.

Although these are wholesale markets, the vendors welcome all buyers. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased at various vegetable souks near Hawali Immigration at Salmiya Roundabout, but bargaining is expected.

Among the major fish souks seen in Kuwait are those located along Arabian Gulf Street in Shuwaikh and Fahaheel. There are variety of fish, majority of them from the Arabian Gulf, which is considered far superior to anything found in the world. They are sold by kilo or bucketful. The prices are reasonable and seasonal.

One can also find several small bakeries in various localities in Kuwait, offering breads, particularly the Iranian style, which is baked on the spot and presented in large rounds, which can be carried away easily.

The souks in districts such as Hawally, Salmiya and Fahaheel, not only offer consumer items, but also include travel agents, opticians, and amusement centers for children.