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Shopping Malls in Kuwait

Al Mohalab Mall

Perhaps the most renowned shopping centre in Kuwait, Al Mohalab Mall is an attractive mall with shape is almost similar to the TITANIC. This stylish mall is situated in Muthana Street, hawally area which is behind Hawally Park. On one side of the mall is the College of Business Studies (Women) and on the other side is the International Media Academy.

Al Mohalab Mall

It has five floors of which the first to fourth floor has shops of many international brands, offers a wide range of boutiques, exclusive specialty stores and designer boutiques and restaurants. Al Mohalab bills itself as a health-oriented mall, with a family health centre, Nutrition and Diet Centre; A Facial Centre; Lavender Massage Parlour; Al Fozen Dental Clinic; A Family Health Center as well as two luxury spas in the fifth floor– one for women and the other for men. The spas are particularly popular with visitors and provide the perfect respite from a day of intensive shopping.

The best time for visiting this mall is during sales time as this mall will not be over crowded as we see in other malls. Al Muhalab Mall is opened from 10 am to 10 pm.

The interior of the mall is fashionable and elegant. The fourth floor has a cine scape. If shopping, watching movies and gulping down lip-smacking snacks are listed in your scheme of things then mark Al Mohalab Centre as your ultimate destination. A peculiar thing is that we did not find any people of other nationality other than Arabic people which you will not find in other malls. Also, the mall has a multi-level parking facility.

Brands/ Stores

The mall hosts a wide selection of international boutiques and brands, located on both ground floor and first three floors, and offering fashion clothing, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, other items from shoes, glasses, electronics and electrical appliances, to accessories, pharmaceuticals and many other articles. The latest international brands, luxurious boutiques and trends as well as the latest models from the finest brands arrive to the mall from all over the world. Few of the renowned international brands are Braccialani, Sony, Kiehl’s, Zoppini store, Ajmal, Faces, Bobbi brown, Austin reed, Henry Lloyd, Dorothy Perkins, Basler, Diva, Evans, Lily, Limelight, Calvin clein, Mango, Monsoon, Oasis, bodyshop2, I city, Jules, Uterque etc.

Cafes / Restaurants

Costa cafe- Coffee house

Location: First floor, Contact no: 2667618

Fuddruckers- American cuisine

Location: Titanic M2, Contact no: 2616000

Haagen-Dazs- Ice cream parlour

Location: Hawally, Contact no: 2610937

Pizza hut

Operating Hours: 11:00AM - 12:00AM next day, Contact no: 22625397

Other Facilities

  • Transport desk: Available in the mall premises and at the customer service help desk.
  • Tourist Information: information is provided about landmarks around Kuwait to direct and guide tourists.
  • Emergency services: In case of emergency: (An accident as robbery or fights), instant sickness, separate team is there to help the mall visitors.
  • ATM machines: CBK ATM is available
  • Public Telephones: You can place or receive calls at the Customer service desk.
  • Wifi Internet: The mall is covered by Wi Fi internet very high speed.
  • Lost child or property assistance: the paging system is available in customer service desk and the mall gates are monitored

Other events / promotions

The mall administrators are active in hosting various festivals and Public Awareness campaigns throughout the year. Advertising activities intended to enrich and enhance the family shopping spirit in the mall.>

Contact details of Al Mohalab Mall

Al Mohalab Mall, Hawally, Muthana Street
Phone:0096522662020 Fax: 0096522659090
Hours: 10:00 – 22:00