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Shopping Malls in Kuwait

Among the possible activities that you could do in Kuwait, shopping is one of the main attractions. You can consider going to Marina World, Gold souks, Traditional Open Air, Friday Markets, Salhiya Complex, Souk Sharq, and Villa Moda in Kuwait, as these are all excellent places for shopping.

  • Al Mohalab Mall

    Located on the Muthana Street, Hawally area, behind the Hawally Park, the Al Mohalab Mall is also known as The Titanic Mall, due to its shape, which resembles the deck of the boat. The interiors are contemporary and stylish.

  • Sharq Mall

    Sharq Mall is one of the popular malls in Kuwait. Located on the Gulf Road, along the waterfront, it offers plenty for the water-sports lovers. You can rent a jet ski or a little motor boat or go for a spin in the huge artificial lake, just behind the mall.

  • Marina Mall

    Marina World, the second largest shopping and entertainment complex in Kuwait, is located along the beachfront in the shopping district of Salmiya. The complex opened in phases, with the first phase unveiled in November 2002, the second phase of the complex opened in early 2004, and the final phase opening towards the end of 2005.

  • Al Kout Mall

    The beautiful Al-Kout Mall is located in the district of Fahaheel, outside Kuwait, at the waterfront. Given its location, this mall is a rather quiet and pleasant place to chill-out and enjoy a cup of coffee. The fountain at the Al Kout Mall is one of the largest in Kuwait. It is an exciting waterfront development, with a unique ceiling at the domed tower.

  • Laila Gallery Complex

    The Laila Gallery Complex is located at the Salem Mubarak Street, near Salmiyyah. The Laila Gallery Complex is best known for the Laila Theatre, located within the mall. After watching a good movie, you could catch-up with some shopping that the mall has to offer by choosing from the wide range of jewelry, opticals, garments, perfumes, clothes and cosmetics from reputed brands.

    Thereafter, you could rest your tired feet while enjoying the delicious eateries available within the mall.

  • Al Hamra Tower Mall

    Al Hamra Tower, the supertall skyscraper, which is currently under construction in downtown Kuwait City, is located on the Al Hamra & Firdous Cinema land in Al-Magwa'a Al-Shargi of Kuwait City at the intersection of Al Shuhada'a and Jaber Al-Mubarak streets. It is hoped to be the tallest building in Kuwait, on its completion in 2010. It is also expected to be the world’s tallest sculpted tower.

  • Al-Fanar Shopping Mall

    Located on the Salem Al-Muharak Street of Salmia, Al-Fanar is an attractively designed shopping complex, which has a distinct look compared to several other complexes in the area.

  • The Avenues Mall

    The Avenues is one of the largest malls in Kuwait. Located in the Al-Rai Industrial Area, along the Fifth Ring Road, the first phase of the mall was official launched in April 2007. The mall, which is yet to be fully complete, has been divided into four phases. The Phase One, launched in 2007, includes over 150 lifestyle shops, Cineplex, restaurant, Carrefour hypermarket, and an IKEA showroom.

  • Gold Souk

    The Gold Souks is one of the most favourite shopping attractions in Kuwait. For those of you visiting Kuwait for the first time, Gold Souk will be one of the amazing things to come across, as you will find shops that both buy and sell gold. The shops display various jewelry styles, particularly the Arabic, Indian and Italian.

  • Salhiya Complex

    Salhiya Complex in Kuwait is one of the vital shopping hubs in the city. The shopping complex is located along a spacious avenue and comprises three levels – Ground Floor, Mezzanine 1 and Mezzanine 2.

  • Villa Moda

    Villa Moda is a luxury department store in Kuwait, featuring fashion and clothing items of top designers. Founded by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, the nephew of Kuwait’s Amir, the Villa Moda is a 9300 square meter glass-cube emporium, overlooking the Persian Gulf.

  • Kuwait Magic Mall

    Kuwait Magic Mall is a state-of-the-art retail mall in Kuwait, and is located in Abu Haleefa, next to one of the best Sandy beaches in Kuwait, in proximity to Fahaheel. The Abu Halifa Branch of the mall was established in Aril 2000, and covers 2298 square metres in area.

  • Traditional Open air and Friday Markets

    Despite the abundance of modern supermarkets and shopping malls, the traditional markets still continue to attract business in Kuwait. The souk area of Central Kuwait City retains some of its labyrinths of covered streets, with the passageways lined with shops and stalls.