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Papa John's, founded by John Schnatter, is the third largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the first pizza pub was established in 1983, and the going has been strong ever-since for Papa John's.

Internationally, there are more than 3,300 Papa John’s locations, spread across more than 30 countries. Going by the slogan "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John's", the restaurant primarily accepts carryout and delivery orders, although some stores have chairs and tables for dining in. In fact, during January 2002, Papa John’s was the first national pizza chain to make online ordering available to all its U.S. customers.

As for vegetarian pizzas, the most popular by Papa John’s are Garden Fresh pizza and Spinach Alfredo Pizza, built to own personal preference. Some of the popular and commonly listed Papa John’s menu items include Five Sausage, Double Bacon 6Cheese, Chicken Parmesan, Buffalo Chicken, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni, John's Favorite, John's Favorite, The Works, The Meats, Garden Fresh, Spicy Italian, Spinach Alfredo, BBQ Chicken Bacon, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, Tuscan Six Cheese. They also have sides like bread sticks, spicy buffalo wings, apart from several dessert varieties to choose from.

Papa John’s International Inc. has been operational in the Middle East since the year 2000. It has stores throughout the region, including Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait, just to name a few.

Contact details for Papa John's outlets in Kuwait:

Salmiya III/Amman
Block 12, Fifth Ring Road, Salmiya, Store #9843
Tel: 1827272

Al Shawafat
Bldg. #2, Ground Floor, Al Shawafat Bldg.,
Sharq, Kuwait City, Store #9979, Tel: 2417765

City Bus (Salmiya 1)
City Bus (Salmiya 1), Salmiya Moghira Bin Shubaa
City Bus Stop No. B2/B1, Salmiya, Store #10005
Tel: 5733673
Al Nadi Street, Kheitan, Store #10135
Tel: 4753904
Sabah Al Nasar
Sabah Al Nasar, Block 1, Store #10151
Tel: 24882035
Block1, Yarmouk, Store #10163
Tel: 1827272
Saba Al Salem
Block 10, Street #21, Coop #2, Store #9786
Tel: 5528984
Sector 8, Shaikh Mubarak Complex, St. #6, Beside Jamiya Store #9982, Tel: 5633319
Block 1b, Street #4, Behind Fudruckers, Store #9807
Tel: 5357591
Block 1, Gulf Road, Front Of Augaila Beach Store #9860, Tel: 3903748
Block 9, Street 247, Front Of American School
Store #9868, Tel: 2627440
Bahrain Street, Block 6, Store #9869
Tel: 5721164
Omhayman, Area 8, Block 9, Main Coop Store #9785, Tel: 3289824
Block 3, Street #13, Store #9737 Tel: 3731657
Qortuba Co-Op, Store #10164
Tel: 1827272
Mishref, Block 1, West Mishref
Store #10335, Tel: 1827272
Block # 2 Street 132 Bld # 89, Store #10422
Tel: 1827272
Store #10425, Tel: 1827272
Block 1, Riggae, Store #10458
Mubarak Al Kabir
Subiya, Store #10355
Tel: 1827272
Al Querien
Abou Fatera Area, Al Querien Shopping Center
Shop # C3 & C4, Store #10619
Tel: 82 7272