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The first Kababji restaurant was opened in Zouk Highway in in 1993 by Toufic Khoueiry. He wished to take Lebanese cuisine into the quick-service sector. His efforts paved way, and customers were offered made-to-order Lebanese cuisine in a “fast” manner, offering individual attention to the customer in a warm and elegant environment to dine in.

The key factor to Kebabji’s success is that the product preparation mostly happens within only a few meters of the front counter in front of customer’s eye, so that customers can see the production process in front of their eyes.

Kabab-ji serves a range of dips, kebabs, including world famous Hommos and salads, with Tabbouleh being a specialty. Kabaji is also known for their Kabab Halabi, Kabab Khashkhash and Kabab Intabli. As for desserts, Kababji recommends Mohalabia or Karabeej to have a complete experience of Kababji restaurant.

In Kuwait, Kababji outlets are found in these areas – Mesilla, Abu Halifa – CRE, Al-Adaylia (Beside Kazma Sport Club, Kuwait), Qadsiya, Hawally, Jabriya, Marina Mall, Avenues Mall, Rumaithiya, Omariya, Surra, and Salmiya Express (City centre).