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TEC launches new Green Island Season in Kuwait

14 February 2023

The Touristic Enterprises Company has launched the new ‘Green Island Season’ in Kuwait, which includes carnival games, shopping and retail destinations along the Arabian Gulf Street,’’

This year, the activities planned for Green Island Season meets the likings of all nationals and residents belonging to any age group, seeking entertainment, so as to have a good time. The season is likely to continue for three-month period.

The Green Island Season opens during weekdays (Sunday to Wednesday) from 3pm to 11pm and on weekends from Thursday to Saturday (10am to 11pm). All visitors should obtain a ticket to enter through the website of Green Island (https://greenisland.com.kw).

Children below 4years of age will be allowed free entry, whole those over the age of 5 will have to pay the price of the ticket (two and a half dinars). This is also applicable to all the female workers accompanying the families too.

The entry ticket will be valid for day use only at any time. Participation in games is subject to separate payment of fees.

The Green Island is the first complete artificial island in Kuwait, established in the Arabian Gulf region, forming part of the green waterfront project in Kuwait in early 1988.

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