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Residency Permit of 2400 expat teachers cancelled in Kuwait

30 May 2023

Kuwait asked the Ministry of Interior to Education Authorities have cancel the Residency Permit of about 2400 expat teachers in the country.

Out of these, 1900 had their services terminated for being included in the plan, and they have been replaced with Kuwaitis, while 500 of them had submitted resignation requests.

Meanwhile, non-Kuwaiti teachers will have their services terminated by end of current school year, so as to avoid imposing fee or fines.

The HRD at the Education Ministry is keen on completing procedures as soon as possible. The procedures pertain to settling their financial entitlements and cancelling their residency.

The Interior Ministry will grant three months time to expat teachers, whose services have been terminated. This will be beneficial in settling their entitlements as-a-whole in the country.

Lately, Kuwait has further strengthened its efforts to create job opportunities for nationals, and replace foreign employees as part of policy called ‘Kuwaitization’.

Foreigners constitute 3.4mn of Kuwait’s total 4.6mn population. Recently, there have been Pressure in Kuwait to crack down on hiring of foreigners, and there were accusations that migrant workers have overwhelmed the infrastructure facilities, particularly amidst the economic recession following the Covid19 pandemic.


Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.