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Residency Permit of teachers may be renewed for two years, say official

10 June 2022

A Kuwaiti education official has revealed a plan to grant expat teachers Residency Permit (Iqama) for 2 years instead of one year being granted now.

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Speaking to the media, Rajaa Bouarki, the Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs at Education Ministry said “The Interior Ministry has expressed readiness to approve the extension, but requested coordination with Health Ministry about teachers health insurance. God willing, this will be done by the next school year so as not to disrupt teachers’ summer vacation.”

The official also said that education department will be given authority to renew teachers’ iqamas while the administrative sector of the ministry will be only incharge of renewing Residency Permits of employees working at the Ministry’s General Directorate and Private Education.

Official figures regarding the number of teachers who would be benefitted out of this measure, is yet to be announced.

Foreigners constitute 3.4million of the total 4.6million population in Kuwait.

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