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Airlines setting PCR requirement depending on country of destination

28 February 2022

Majority of the countries, including Kuwait have cancelled the request of PCR test for vaccinated passengers when entering the country.
Some countries, including Mexico do not ask for PCR test from any passenger, even if not vaccinated.

Generally, the airline demands the PCR test based on the requirement of the destination of travel. However, some travellers report that despite being vaccinated, and although their destination country do not require a PCR test, the airline they travel are demanding a PCR test prior to boarding. The reason given for this measure was to protect its crew.

Several airlines including Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Kuwait Airways have, however assured that they adhere to the requirement of the destination country.

They all agreed that if the destination country do not require a PCR test, the carrier will not require this test from the passengers.

However, some airlines may still request a PCR test, despite the destination country not seeking it, or if the passenger does not enter the transit country.

At present, majority countries require a fully vaccinated certificate or a PCR test for the non-vaccinated, and this is applicable in Kuwait too.

However, some countries still seek both, but have agreed that they will lift this request by the month end. It is suggested that all passengers contact the airline on which they are travelling to enquire about the requirements before departure of the flight.

Passengers are also advised to read all information mentioned in the ticket, particularly pertaining to Covid19 procedures.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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