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Kuwait expels 40,000 expatriates in 2019

18 January 2020

Kuwait has been expelling expatriates in the recent past, and according to the local media, about 40,000 expatriates have been expelled from Kuwait in 2019 for various reasons, primarily for violation of residence law, or involvement in crimes, misdemeanours etc.

The security sources reveal that the list of deportees includes 27,000 men and 13,000 women belonging to various nationalities, with Indians topping the list of deportees, followed by Bangladeshis and Egyptians.

Last year 16,000 deportations have taken place in Kuwait, and the current numbers are much more than that.

kuwait deportation

The statistics by the Domestic Labour Department shows that Filipinos have the least number of trouble-making expats who are subject to deportation, despite the authorities’ intention to consider suspending export of labour to Kuwait from Philippines, after the recent incident of killing of a Filipino domestic worker by her sponsor.

The statistics also indicate that the number of complaints filed by Filipinos have declined by 33 percent points in 2019 and have dipped to 3 percent this year in comparison to the year before.

The deportations are now done only through the deportation centre and not through security departments. The fingerprints of the deportees are taken electronically prior to their departure to ensure that they do not enter the country again.

Robin Vinod

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