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Kuwait begins to implement third phase of return to normalcy plans

28 July 2020

Kuwait will be soon implementing its third phase of return to normalcy plan. However, Health Minister, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al Sabah today pointed out that reducing of curfew hours to six instead of nine on 28th July and implementing third phase of return to normalcy does not mean the end of coronavirus pandemic.

He further said that “no vaccine has been officially approved yet,” and that adherence to the health requirements and related precautionary measures are the only way to prevent the risk of infection in the five phase plans until a treatment or vaccination becomes available.

Kuwait phase 3

The Minister was speaking during a virtual press conference, following a meeting of the Council of Ministers, headed by Prime Minister, Sheikh Sabah Khalid Al Hamad Al Sabah.

He further explained that the partial curfew was planned to be lifted completely after entering the third stage but, in order to preserve the public health, there is the need to further reduce the curfew hours rather than lift it complete.

He also said that failure to abide by the health requirements has led to increase in number of infections among Kuwaiti nationals, even up to 70 percent of total number of infections recorded per day.

Most of those infected are elderly people, and they have got infected by a family member despite not leaving the house, and this is due to non-compliance with health requirements.

Al Sabah said that the third stage of the plan for gradual return to normal life will see an increase in the number of employees in government agencies by not more than 50 percent of total workforce, apart from permit to visit social care homes, opening of hotel apartments, hotels, resorts, and taxis with only one passenger.

He emphasized that the success or failure of any country in controlling the pandemic depends on the extent of adherence to medical requirements and implementation of health procedures.

Responding to queries about orientation of health authorities in the country to adopt a particular vaccine, the Health Minister said that the committee concerned should reach advanced stages in scientific research in this regard.

He further said “We are in the process of making agreements with companies while the World Health Organization (WHO) is taking over a vaccination organization, taking the first production of vaccinations from all factories. Thus, the agreement will be through this organization to obtain vaccinations, while the second production will be through companies directly.”

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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