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Indian embassy begins registering nationals seeking to leave Kuwait

12 September 2020

In its statement, the Embassy said it has launched a ‘registration drive’ for Indian nationals in Kuwait who wish to have a valid passport or emergency certificate.

For those wishing to register, the embassy has an online form on their website.

According to the embassy, the ‘Registration drive’ is free of cost and the documents can be collect directly at the embassy counter.

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The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has been registering nationals who do not possess valid travel documents and wish to return to their country.

According to the embassy, an Emergency Certificate (EC) is a one-time travel document issued only for the purpose of entry into India within six months from its date of issuance. It is issued only to those Indian nationals who are illegal residents in any country and are facing deportation.

At present, there are 12,000 illegal permit holders in Kuwait, majority of them being Indian nationals.

The Indian community is the largest foreign expat community in Kuwait, with over 1.45 million Indian nationals in Kuwait. Indians constitute 36 percent of the entire population in Kuwait, with a population of four million.

Robin Vinod

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