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Kuwait has various modes of transportation. Taxis are the most distinct, practical and convenient type of transportation in Kuwait, as they are easily located in several residential areas, and public places in all of the cities in Kuwait. There are taxi offices everywhere in Kuwait, and can be depended upon at any time. Majority of taxis operate 24 hours.

For hiring a taxi in Kuwait, you can choose any of the following options:

1. Walk out and hail a passing cab from the road
2. Call up a taxi company and get them to pick you up
3. Opt for a white pick-up truck

But, of all the above said options, the best method to hail a taxi is to book one in advance. State your destination and check the price before it is despatched.

Types of Taxis

Call-taxis are mostly white in colour, and can be found at any hotel. They can be ordered to and from the airport as well. Few other taxis, the white and beige ones are also available, and can be hailed from streets across Kuwait. However, the fare should be negotiated before the trip, and these taxis are in plenty at every street corner, and can be easily spotted out

There are also the orange coloured taxis that drive on a specific route. They are allowed to pick up and drop people anywhere on the route. These taxis can also be shared with friends and strangers.

The other type of taxi is the one that can be accessed at hotels. They are usually summoned by a phone call. You can tell if it is a taxi by the orange number plate. Most have their company name written on one side too.

The airport operates its own taxi service, for which you will pay a premium, with additional charges for catching a taxi at night. The other company that is permitted to offer a service from the airport is City Limo.

Taxi Fares

Both taxis and cars are expensive in Kuwait. But, due to their better accessibility, people use it often. According to Kuwaiti law, all taxis are bound to go by the meter. However, due to lack of strict implementation of this law, they do not use the meter. But, to be on the safer side, you may have to emphasize them to use it.

The call taxis are radio-controlled and the price is determined by the operator. The farther you go, the more expensive it gets.

If the driver is hesitant to use the meter, negotiate the price before you get in. Fares are usually a minimum of KD1 and will increase slowly, depending on the destination. A surcharge may be payable at night.

There are plenty of taxis plying the 16km trip from the airport to the city centre, which takes about 20 minutes. There is a fixed charge of KD5.

There are standard taxi fares, which are higher from hotel ranks. If hiring a taxi for a day or half-day, agree the fare in advance.

Orange cabs are of two types. The first type operate from ranks where they pick-up several passengers going to a particular area, and then follow set routes. Fares are 150fils a person within the City, 250fils each (if 5 sharing) from City to Salmiya, and 500 fils from City to Fahaheel. The orange cabs operating from outside the main hotels and the airport, fares start from about KD1/250 and are negotiable (can be hired without sharing).

Fares get more expensive when trips cross area boundaries, and also increase considerably at night. The actual fare for a trip is decided by the driver’s controller over the radio, when the cab is booked, or at the end of the trip.

Taxi drivers generally appreciate a small tip for long journeys.


Majority of the taxi drivers speak little English, so learn the Arabic for communicating the basic directions, like left, right etc.

Generally, taxi drivers in Kuwait seem friendly and helpful. If you are a female, ensure that you get in at the back. Also, it is better for women not to hail a taxi from roadside (especially the white pick-up trucks), as they tend to pick up other passengers en-route, and it is hard to differentiate a legitimate vehicle from a random one. But, if you are short of cash, it may be an option to consider. If you are a lone female traveller, it is better not to travel alone in a taxi, especially after sunset when it is dark.

If you are hiring a taxi from the roadside, there is possibility that they might stop and pick up other passengers, and so, if you are sharing your ride, ensure that the fare is cheaper.

Find a taxi company that is trust-worthy, reliable and speaks your language. Ensure that you telephone about 20 to 30 minutes in advance.

Pick-up trucks act as taxi service, but, they are actually authorized only to carry goods and passengers with goods. This service is generally not recommended for female travellers.

Taxi companies in Kuwait are not regulated, and not all taxis have seat belts. So, when booking a taxi, ensure that they have a seat belt.

Generally taxi drivers have a fair knowledge of the city and surrounds. If necessary, show a map of your destination, or give them a landmark such as a hotel, or main shopping centre in the locality.

Listed here are contact numbers of few taxi companies in Kuwait

Kuds taxi & car rental Tel :965 2413414
Taxi Makati Tel : 5753003
Salwa Taxi Tel : 5645893
Salem Taxi Tel : 5617933
Princes Taxi Tel : 2459909
Middle East Taxi Tel : 5726644
Al-Amal Taxi Company Tel : 5321883
Al-Abraj Taxi Tel : 4319940
Qadisiya Taxi Tel : 5733504
British Taxi Tel : 23912282 / 22391229
Al-Osta Taxi Tel : 22410534 / 22412239
Special Taxi Tel : 23921700 / 23921800
Al-Rissalah Taxi Tel : 25730398 / 25758779
Al-Millionaire Taxi Tel : 22666995 / 22666994
Al-Wehdah Taxi Tel : 25528500 / 25528900
Burgan Taxi Tel : 25750043 / 25750042
Mishwar Taxi Tel : 25729727 / 25729728
Al-Jamaher Taxi Tel : 25733100 / 25733400
Asia Taxi Tel : 24888074 / 24888075
Emirates Taxi Tel : 24745006 / 24745007
Al-Abraj Taxi Tel : 24319940
Al-Arz Taxi Tel : 23727755 / 22612763
Al-Alfain Taxi Tel : 24810630 / 25613100
Al-Aman Taxi Tel : 23721112 / 23711115
Al-Omam Taxi Tel : 22404846
Al-Amwaj Taxi Tel : 22654938
Al-Awal Taxi Tel : 25323091 / 25321883
Al-Basha Taxi Tel : 1808055
Al-Tahreer TaxiTel : 24812200 / 25399448
Al-Duro'o Taxi Tel : 22450777 /25633332
Al-Rifa'a Taxi Tel : 22422112
Al-Rige'e Taxi Tel : 24881986
Al-Riad Taxi Tel : 22427750
Al-Sahel Taxi Tel : 23917161 / 23727707
Metro Manila Taxi Tel : 25633307

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