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Kuwait Metro is one of the upcoming projects in Kuwait. The construction of a metro system in Kuwait is a major step ahead in the development of the State. The metro system plays a major part in turning Kuwait into a financial and commercial centre by 2035.

The first-quarter plan has already begun, covering several sectors, including transportation, which suffers from large-scale traffic congestion issues. Several studies have been carried out about the transport issues in Kuwait. Mass transportation is considered as the primary solution to the traffic problems in Kuwait.

Also, studies are underway about a planned trans-Arabia railway network, wherein, the Eastern line will run from Oman to Kuwait, through Iraq, into Turkey and European nations. The Western Line will run from Yemen through Saudi Arabia to Jordan, and then to Turkey and to Europe.

As for the local metro project, it will link all areas of Kuwait.

All this forms a part of the Gulf rail network system, multi-billion-dinar projects. The project is hoped to be complete within five to seven years. The Communications Ministry in Kuwait is said to have signed deals with specific contractors for carrying out the works.

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