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Hardee's Kuwait

14 January 2020

The burger chain was started by Wilbur Hardee in 1960 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and offered customers charbroiled hamburgers, fast service and drive-thru window. Since then, Hardee's gained immediate popularity and the chain grew rapidly. In the 1970s and 1980s, Hardee's locations proliferated as more and more franchise stores opened.

Hardee's Kuwait Menu

The Epic Angus Thickburger
Monster Mushroom Angus Thickburger
Turkey Bacon Angus Thickburger
Jalapeno Angus Thickburger
Mushroom N Swiss Angus Thickburger
Classic Angus Thickburger
The Epic Burger
Chili Hot Dog
Roast Beef Cheddar
Steak Loader
Mushroom N Swiss Burger
Mushroom Double Cheeseburger
Jalapeno Double Cheeseburger
Classic Double Cheeseburger
Cheese Steak Burger
Golden Chicken Fillet
Super Star Chicken Fillet
Tenders Wrapper Hot Sweet
Tenders Wrapper Hot Ranch
Tenders Wrapper Honey Mustard
Tenders Wrapper Ranch Sauce
Tenders Wrapper Bbq Sauce
Jalapeno Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Fillet
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich

hardees kuwait

Hardee's Kuwait Locations


Marzouk Meteeb Street - Saleh Hmedy Complex

Al Jahraa al senaeya

6th ring Road - jahra industrial

Jaber Al Ahmed

Jaber Ahmed - Block B

Abu Halifa

Block 2, Mohammad Abdul Mohsen Alduij Street


Inside Adailiya Co-operative Society (Block 4, Main) - Block 4, Sultan Al Kulaib Street, near Adailiya Supermarket


(Co-op, Block 2) Branch

Inside Adan Co-op Society (Block 2, Branch 4) - Block 2, Street 32

Inside Adan Co-op Society (Block 7, Main) - Block 7, Street 106, near Boubyan Bank
Phone: +965 2541 0269


Block 1, Street 29 South, Near Sultan Center
Phone: +965 2384 9385


Inside Airport Mall

Ali Sabah Al Salem

Block 5, corner of Road 105 and Road 101, facing the coop


Inside Ardiya Co-operative Society (Block 9) - Block 9, Road 59


Inside Daiya Co-operative Society - Block 4, Rashed Bin Ahmad Al Roomy Street, Near NBK and Gulf Bank, near Supermarket


Block 5, Street 103, Nokhitha Mall


Block 7, Al Dabous Street, near Gulf Bank
Phone: +965 2372 9245

Fahed Al Ahmad

Block 1, Street 211
Phone: +965 2394 0382


Block 3, Habeeb Munawer Street
Phone: +965 9976 9021


Block 2, Al Firdous Street, near Firdous Police Station and Coop


Ibn Khaldun Street
Phone: +965 2261 7677


Block 1A, Ibrahim Hussein Al Maarafi Street, near Gulf Bank and Jabriya Public Library
Phone: +965 2534 9980


Block 4, Street 2, Al Nasser Mall

Inside Jahra Co-Operative Society (Block 3, Main) - Block 3, Marzouq Al Miteb Street, Near Al-Tijari Bank and Jahra Supermarket
Phone: +965 2457 9685

Jahra Industrial
Phone: +965 2458 2081


Inside Khaldiya Co-Operative Society (Block 2, Main) - Block 2, Abdullah Al Khalaf Al Saeed Street, near Khaldiya Supermarket


Coastal Road, near Levels Complex


Block 4, Street 19
Phone: +965 1888 333


Inside Mansouriya Co-op Society - Block 2, Jassem Mohammad Al Wasen Street, Near the supermarket


Inside Mishref Co-Operative Society (Block 4, Main) - Block 4, near Smash Burger Restaurant and Mishref Supermarket
Phone: +965 2539 1721

Mubarak Al Kabeer

Block 4, near Kuwait Finance House KFH


Inside Nahda Co-Operative Society (Block 2, Main) - Block 2, between Streets 201, 206, and 40


King Fahed Bn Abdulaziz Road (40), South Julaia, after the exit to Bnaider, before Al Oula Petrol Station and McDonald's branch


Inside Oyoun Co-Op Society (Block 4, Main) - Block 1, Between Streets 104 & 102


Inside Qurain Co-operative Society (Block 2, Main) - Block 2, street 253, near Supermarket


Block 5, Meshlah Bin Hadiya Street, near Alfa Petrol Station and Ahli United Bank
Phone: +965 9784 7926


Inside Avenues Mall

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Road (5th Ring Road), between Ghazali street & Mohammed Bin Alqasem street

Fourth Ring Road (Hussein Bin Ali Alroumi Road) crossing Airport Road (Street 55), Lulu Hypermarket


Block 6, Al-Ta'awen Street, Facing Al Bida'a and The Regency Hotel

Sabah Al-Salem

Inside Sabah Al-Salem Co-Op Society (Block 10, Street 1) - Block 10, Street 2, near Al-Tijari Bank
Phone: +965 2552 3587


Block 5, Street 9, near Sabahiya Coop


Inside Salam Co-operative Society (Block 4) - Block 4, Street 24, Near the supermarket and Commercial Bank of Kuwait Branch (CBK - Al Tijari)


Inside Salmiya Boulevard

Inside Fashion Way Mall Salmiyah - Salem Al Mubarak Street, near KFC and Sbarro Restaurants

Inside Marina Mall - Arabian Gulf Street


Inside Salwa Co-operative Society (Block 2) - Block 2, Salem Al Deway Street, near Salwa Supermarket


Inside The Sultan Center TSC Shaab Branch - Block 11, Baghdad Street, Parking of Al-Shaab Park and Sultan Center


Inside Shamieh Co-Op Society (Block 10, Main) - Block 10, Hamad Saleh Alhumeidi street (street 300), opposite Shamiya Police Station


Inside Souq Sharq Mall - At the end of Arabian Gulf Street


Shweikh Industrial, Block C, Street 33, near Souq Ramez

Hardee's Kuwait Delivery Number

+(965) 1888333

CKE Restaurants (the parent company of the California-based Carl's Jr. burger chain) bought Hardee's in 1997. With over 2500 locations, Hardee's was the fourth biggest fast food chain in America. After the acquisition, CKE gradually merged aspects of Hardee's and Carl's Jr., combining their branding and parts of their menus. For the most part, though, Carl’s Jr. kept its West Coast and Southwest America presence, and Hardee's maintained its locations in the Midwest and Southeast America. Today, Hardee's has the same branding (logo, website design, and marketing campaigns) as Carl's Jr. Today, Hardee's and Carl’s JR operate over 3700 restaurants in over 40 countries around the world with nearly 330 restaurants in the Middle Eastern and African region.

Hardee's is known for their innovation in hamburgers. During the 1990s, they launched the new products that they called "Thickburgers." These menu items had a big appeal to the public because they were proficiently marketed by pointing out that they were made with 100 percent Black Angus beef and all of the ingredients used to top the burgers were high quality. The very appearance of the burgers on commercials was mouth watering. The Thickburger became their new focal point and they offered it in three different sizes. Customers could order this phenomenal burger in a one third pound, one half pound or two third pound sizes. The fast-food chain became even more popular because of making these changes.

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