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Civil Service Commission to officially stop expat recruitment


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has officially announced its decision to stop recruiting expatriates under the services category, or the second contract for the first time and will only renew contracts of workers in government sectors who meet the age conditions.

Kuwait may win Schengen visa exemption soon


Kuwait has touched an advanced point in negotiations with European Union to exempt Kuwait nationals from Schengen visa, said well-informed government sources.

Kuwait likely to recruit maids through established companies


The government in Kuwait has accepted a proposal to establish a company to recruit domestic helps and replace several recruitment offices aiming to slash expenses, said MP Ahmad Lari, a member of National Assembly Financial and Economic Affairs Committee.

Kuwait plans suspension of expat employment in public sector


The special committee formed by the Cabinet to correct the population structure in Kuwait has suggested suspension of employment of expatriates in the public sector, except those with rare specializations that are not commonly found among nationals.

Increased construction works in Kuwait likely to boost elevator market


With the construction of skyscrapers, airport expansions and forthcoming Kuwait Metro, the elevator and escalator market in Kuwait is likely to see a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4.

Significant increase in expat medical fee likely


The fee for medical services for expatriates will increase considerably, said Minister Dr Ali Al-Obaidi, and while the Ministry Undersecretary refused to reveal new amounts, he did agree that the committee is now studying the completed work and submitted a report to minister.

Kuwait mulls tax uniformity for local & foreign firms


Kuwait is considering proposal to introduce uniformity in tax rates for local and foreign companies.

Jaber Stadium to be ready for opening by year-end


After several years of delay, the Jaber Stadium will be ready for opening by the year-end, said Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud Al-Sabah, the Minister of Information and State Minister for Youth and Sports.

Unified contracts for expat labourers


All contracts for expat labourers working in Kuwait will be unified and will include special clauses and conditions meant to protect rights of labourers.

Ministry tightens strings on bachelor eviction from residential areas


The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs, Maj Gen Abdul Fattah Al-Ali has emphasized the need of strong co-ordination between all concerned agencies to guarantee successful implementation of the Cabinet resolution on eliminating bachelors in private residential areas.

Court issues verdicts on employee absenteeism


According to the verdicts concerning employee leaves, issued by the Cassation Court in Kuwait yesterday, the court ruled that if an employee does not report to work for 15 consecutive days or 30 days intermittently without any valid reason, he is not eligible to salary, as he may be terminated due to unauthorized absence.

Transfer of visit visa to work permit or family visa may be suspended


The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs at Ministry of Health, Dr.

Al Bidaa Roundabout to be developed


The Roads Engineering Department at the Ministry of Public Works has scheduled to implement a project to develop the Al-Bidaa Roundabout, so as to facilitate traffic flow during peak hours.

Kuwait to deport expats without valid driving license


Toughening its traffic laws further, the State of Kuwait has announced that it will deport any expatriate caught driving without a valid license.

Kuwait to recruit Indian nurses only through government agencies


In a bid to curb malpractices involved in the private sector, the State of Kuwait has announced that henceforth Indian nurses would be recruited only through government agencies.

Kuwait mulls introduction of corporate taxes


Kuwait is working out plans with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to discuss introduction of corporate tax for local companies, the Commerce and Industry Minister, Abdulmohsen al-Madaj said.

Conditional transfer of work permits may be a welcome move


The transfer of work permits from one sponsor to another in government projects is subject to a condition of spending at least one year working for the first sponsor and getting the sponsors approval, as such a measure can help reduce the number of work permits issued to 70 percent of the usual rate.

Kuwait likely to hire domestic workers from other countries


The Interior Ministry, together with its foreign affairs counterpart is now considering the possibility of hiring domestic helps from countries other than those countries which regularly send these workers to Kuwait, revealed officials from the General Department for Residency Affairs.

Iconic Kuwait Towers re-opens after three-year re-furbishment


The iconic Kuwait Towers re-opened after their 3-year closure for refurbishment.

Minimum referral wages hiked for Indian domestic workers on Visa 20


The minimum referral wage in employment contracts attested by the Embassy may be increased to KD100 per month for all Indian domestic workers visiting Kuwait on Visa No.

GCC to link traffic, business and customs for easy co-ordination


The six members of GCC plan to link part of their traffic, business and customs next month, for easy co-ordination and data exchange.

Surveillance cameras to be installed throughout Kuwait


Kuwait is likely to install surveillance cameras throughout the country to increase security and fight crime.

Domestic Workers Bill may regulate their hiring process


The Health, Social Affairs and Labour Committee completed its report on Domestic Workers Bill.

New proposed energy tariffs in Kuwait may hit expats hard


The Ministry of Electricity and Water has suggested new energy tariffs in Kuwait, while the government still continues to study proposals in this regard.

Auto Moto 15 Expo to conclude tomorrow in Kuwait


The Annual Auto Show, Auto Moto 15, held under the patronage of HE Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, the Minister of Information and Minister of Youth Affairs, is currently on at the Kuwait 360 mall, with a line-up of luxury cars, which displayed for public viewing.