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New law permits residency transfer without consent from sponsor


In a fresh decision issued by the Public Manpower Authority, expatriate labourers can transfer their residencies to other employers without prior approval of their employers, after three years of employment.

Kuwait plans heavy increase in electricity bills


A draft law, if approved may see bills for heavy consumers of electricity grow by as much as seven-and-a-half times that of present.

Kuwait to focus on tourism to diversify income sources


The Kuwait government is keen to promote the tourism sector in Kuwait and develop it as a way to diversify income sources and create better opportunities for young people.

Expats in Kuwait may face hike in electricity charges


The Ministry of Electricity and Water team briefed the National Assembly Financial and Economic Affairs Committee about plans to hike electricity charges, and as per this indication, expatriate households are likely to be affected the most if the hikes are approved.

Indians top the list of total expat workforce in Kuwait


Based on latest statistical reports, the number of employees in Kuwait, excluding the domestic workers, have touched 1,805,507 in number last year, the Central Statistics Bureau revealed.

Work on new KD390mn hospital development complex makes good progress


Work on the new KD390mn Jahra Hospital, one of the largest healthcare development projects in Kuwait is making good progress and will be ready by 2018.

Kuwait projects market mark a milestone year


The year 2015 was a milestone for the projects market in Kuwait, as it saw KD9.

Family residence permits to be linked to sponsors


The General Department for Residence Affairs has issued a decision to streamline the residence permits of wives and children with the Head of the family.

Kuwait MEW slashes its expat workforce by 34 percent


The power plants operation and maintenance sector at the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) has begun slashing expenses by laying off the expat technicians, revealed Fuad Al-Oun, Assistant Undersecretary for Power Plants’ Operation and Maintenance.

Kuwaitis facing inflation may be granted KD100 allowance


According to government sources, plans are on to increase the cost of living allowance for Kuwaiti employees in government departments to face the increase in prices of consumer products following implementation of subsidies rationalization decisions.

Kuwait Airways heads into expansion phase


The Kuwait Airways is heading into expansion phase to include partnerships, following a restructuring plan which helped cut losses, said an executive at the state-owned airline.

India, Kuwait finalize deal on recruitment of nurses


The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Kuwait, together with the Indian Embassy have signed a deal finalizing the modalities of recruitment of nurses from India, thereby paving way for hiring nurses only through three government agencies.

Municipality works to convert old cemeteries to public parks


The municipality in Kuwait is planning to convert old cemeteries into public parks, despite some on-going protests over such moves.

Kuwait City Metro procurement to begin in early 2016


According to Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects, new advisers have been appointed for the planned Kuwait City Metro and procurement will begin in first quarter of 2016.

Public Sector in Kuwait to get five-day Eid al Adha holidays


The Eid Al-Adha holiday will be for three days this year, starting 22nd September, coinciding with the standing on Arafat Day until Saturday.

New procedures to protect foreign labour rights


The Acting Director of Public Authority for Manpower, Abdullah Al-Mutawteh, emphasized that Kuwait is trying its best to protect labour rights, and is strict with those trying to infringe on the rights of its foreign workforce or breaks into the labour law.

Kuwait prepares to host the Gulf Cup as scheduled


The Chairman of the Board and Director General of Public Authority for Youth and Sports, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Mansour Al-Sabah emphasized that Kuwait would be ready to host the 23rd Gulf Soccer Cup on time.

Childrens Cultural Festival unveiled in Mishref


The Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah, unveiled the 17th edition of the children and pre-teens cultural festival at Abdulaziz Hussein Cultural Centre in Mishref.

360 Mall hosts series of Ramadan activities


The iconic 360 Mall in Kuwait has truly embraced the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan through several social initiatives involving the ideas of good health and hospitality.

16th May officially declared as Kuwaiti Womens Day


Kuwait has declared 16th May as Kuwaiti Womens Day, and plans an annual celebration on the day.

Residency Visas linked to passports validity from 1st Jan 2016


The Director, Residency Directorate – Ministry of Information, Maj Gen Talal Ibrahim Maarafi, emphasized that beginning 1st January 2016, Residency Visas given to expatriates would be linked to the validity of their passports, which is in line with Article 12 and Article 15 of the Residency Law.

Kuwait announces work hours for public sector during Ramadan


The Civil Service Commission in Kuwait has officially announced the working hours for public sector during the holy month of Ramadan, which begins in two weeks.

Government reviews strategic alternative to salary scale


The State Minister for Cabinet Affairs, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah said Kuwait can save $10billion if the strategic alternative to the salary scale is implemented, which indicates the proposal is still under review and consultations are on progress to arrive at a decision which pleases all concerned parties.

Law permits six expat families to reside in single private residential house


A maximum of six expatriate families are allowed to reside in a single private residential house, provided, the total number of members in a single house is not more than 35, clarified, Eng.

Kuwaitis lament about high cost of hiring domestic help


According to Bureaus Fadhel, the Head of Kuwait Association for Domestic Workers, the mounting cost of hiring domestic helps in Kuwait is due to the recent deliberate suspension of housemaids from more than 12 countries.