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Ban on transfer of commercial visit visas to work permits, lifted in Kuwait


The commercial visit visas in Kuwait can be transferred into work permits, from early 2012, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour has announced.

Separate hospitals planned for expatriates


 Both expatriates and nationals in Kuwait have condemned the plan to build separate hospitals for expatriates.

Kuwait hotel sector witnesses downward trend in August 2011


According to specialized economic report, Kuwaits hotel sector has witnessed a downward trend during the month of August 2011, as the rate of occupancy fell by 2.

New regulation regarding transfer of work permits approved by Ministry


Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour have approved the latest regulation, governing transfer of work permits of workers completing three years with their sponsors.

Labour Ministry permits exemption of certain nationalities from visa fees


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour will soon permit nationals of European Union member states, America, Japan and other nations, to transfer commercial visit visas into work permits, exempting them from visa fees.

Hike in pay-scales for public sector employees draws criticism

27/9/2011Several experts have warned against approving new pay-scales for public sector employees without conducting a property study about the nationís economy, as it could lead to inflation during the first quarter of next year.

New 550km long highways to come up in Kuwait

27/9/2011New highways worth US$6bn are likely to come up in three and a half years, revealed the Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait.

Works at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port almost ready

20/9/2011The Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait has announced that the construction works on the causeway and railway at the building site of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port is already complete.

Expatriates permitted to convert commercial visas into work permits

20/9/2011Beginning next year, expatriates can obtain work permits by transferring their commercial visa.

Expats can invite second-degree relatives to Kuwait on visit visas

16/9/2011Expatriates in Kuwait are permitted to bring their second-degree relatives on visit visas, provided the applicant is an engineer, doctor or a professional holding a good job, earning minimum of KD500 per month, according to latest instructions by the Immigration General Department of the Interior Ministry.

Raising of Salary Cap for dependent visas unlikely

7/9/2011There has been no official notification to consider the possibility of raising salary cap for issuance of family or dependent visa, said an official at the General Immigration Department.

Boubyan Island to be developed completely

7/9/2011Plans are on to fully develop the Boubyan Island in Kuwait, a senior official at Ministry of Public Works announced.

Kuwait to build major residential cities for expat accommodation

2/9/2011Kuwait is going ahead with construction of three major residential cities for expat accommodation.

Largest Mosque draw more than 180,000 worshippers on Eid

2/9/2011Kuwaits Grand Mosque, located in downtown Kuwait City, received more than 180,000 worshippers on the day of Eid Al Fitr, who were keen to observe the Lailat Al-Qadr (the night of power or night value).

Automatic work-permit renewal to be implemented

27/8/2011The Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Sector, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Jamal Al-Dosri, revealed that the work permits of labourers will be renewed automatically from September.

Jahra Road project aimed at modernizing Kuwait

25/8/2011Infrastructural development is among the main projects undertaken by the Kuwaiti government for modernization of Kuwait.

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kuwait suspends issue of Omrah visas

25/8/2011The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Kuwait has stopped issuing visas to perform Omrah, the minor pilgrimage, as the stipulated period by Saudi Authorities for Omrah has ended.

KAC privatization procedures underway

23/8/2011The Privatisation Committee of Kuwait Airways (PrivComm) and its advisers are following up with all parties who have entered into contract regarding Expressions of Interest (EoI) of the privatisation programme.

Expat workers on government contracts should work 3years prior to transfer

23/8/2011Expatriate workers working on government contracts can now transfer to another sponsor if necessary, provided, they have adhered to the current sponsor for at least three consecutive years, announced the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in Kuwait.

Public Works Minister inspects First Ring Road project

19/8/2011The Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr Fadhel Safar, paid an inspectional visit to First Ring Road project this week, to monitor its latest developments.

Kuwait Ministry temporarily suspends processing of commercial visit visas

19/8/2011The Labour Ministry in Kuwait is likely to temporarily suspend the processing of commercial visit visas to companies, owing to growing number of expatriate workers in Kuwait.

Kuwait PTB signs deal for Railroad project

11/8/2011Kuwait Partnership Technical Bureau (PTB) has entered into a KD2.

Middle East professionals claim salary hikes do not match cost of living

11/8/2011Nearly 41% of professionals in Middle East revealed that they have nothing to save from their income with biggest non-housing expenditure being on food (40.

Ministry bans conversion of visit visas to work permits

9/8/2011Effective 1st September this year, visit visas will no longer be converted to work permits in Kuwait, announced the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MSAL).

Ramadan working hours announced by Ministry

3/8/2011The official working hours for Ramadan has been announced by the Interior Ministry.