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Visa cancellation and Retirement age

According to latest law, retirement age for both Kuwaitis and expatriates working in public sector is 65, while the retirement age is 60 years for those working in private sector.

It is possible for a person who has lived and worked in Kuwait for many years to retire in Kuwait, as long as they have a private pension or state pension from their country of origin, and can prove that they do not plan to live off the state in Kuwait.

If you are entitled to a state pension from your country of origin, you will have to verify with your local pensions department to see if the amount can be transferred to you while living in Kuwait. Some countries will have a deal with Kuwaiti authorities that permit quick and easy transfers. If not, you may have to get your pension paid into a bank account in your home country so that you can make such transfers personally when needed.

If you have been working in Kuwait before retirement, it is recommended that you continue to make contributions to any pension that you may have in your home country, if possible.

As for visa cancellation on retirement, your employer can arrange for cancellation of your work permit and residence visa, when it is time for you to leave Kuwait. The procedure also involves closure of bank accounts, credit card cancellations, cancelling telephone subscriptions, electricity and water accounts, moving out of company accommodation, and all that is under the employer’s sponsorship.

For work permit cancellation, you may have to submit documents such as your original passport, sponsor’s passport copy, copy of establishment card, copy of commercial license, copies of application for cancellation prepared by typing agents with form duly signed by sponsor and the company’ seal.

For cancellations of Residence Visa, you may have to submit original passport, copy of valid commercial license, and copy of establishment card.

If you have a family under your sponsorship, it is mandatory to cancel the Family Residence Visa before starting the work permit cancellation process. The documents required for cancellation of Family Residence Visa are original passport of the sponsored family member, sponsor's passport copy, three copies of approved cancellation certificate filled up by typing agent, and copy of establishment card.

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