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Kuwait Dependent Visa (Family Visa)

Upon obtaining Residency in Kuwait, an employed man can bring his wife and children to Kuwait to live with him. To do that, he has to have a monthly income of atleast KD450 (in case of possessing a 17-visa) and at least KD650 (in case of possessing a 18-visa). If both man and wife work in Kuwait, they can sponsor their children there, but only if their combined salaries are more than KD350 per month.

However, dependent visas come with several limitations:

  • A wife can't sponsor her husband
  • Adult daughters and parents can be sponsored, but, sons over 21 years of age can't be sponsored.
  • Dependent family members are not allowed to work, provided, they covert into a Kuwait work visa.

Requirement for dependent visa:

To obtain a dependent visa for a family member, you will have to visit the ‘jawazaat’ bureau located in Shuwaikh, fill in the application form in Arabic or if you do not know the language, get a typist to do the job for you. Thereafter, produce the following documents along with the application form:

  • Copy of dependent's passport
  • Copy of dependent's civil ID
  • Sponsor's salary certificate
  • Child birth certificate or marriage certificate authenticated by the sponsor's embassy in his/her country of origin.

The formalities for Residence Visa for family members are similar to those on work visa. On entering the country, the dependents will have to undergo medical tests and have their fingerprints taken. The dependent will have to provide similar documents to the ones provided by the sponsor, except for salary certificate.

The sponsor will have to produce a declaration that he will maintain and support the dependent as long as he/she stays in Kuwait.

Fee for dependent visa:

The fees for family visa / dependent visa are:

  • KD100 per individual during the first year for wife, and the 2 first children (in case of private sector employee)
  • KD200 per individual for remaining children (in case of private sector employee)
  • KD10 per individual during the first year for wife and two first children (in case of public sector employee)
  • KD100 per individual for remaining children (public sector employee)
  • Renewal fee of KD10 per individual for wife and children in all cases
  • Renewal fee of KD200 per individual for sponsor’s parents and in-laws

Renewal of Dependent Visa

If the sponsor has already renewed his residence visa, and the dependent visa of his family is nearing expiry, and if he has not hired a 'mandoub' or an agency to obtain a dependent visa or health card, the following steps can be followed to renew dependent visa. Renewal of dependent visa can be done three months before expiry of residence.

  • Renew their Health Card Insurance - The health cards of the dependents will have to be renewed first before renewing their dependent visa.
  • Prepare application for renewal of dependent visa - The form is typed in Arabic, which is available in most translation centres.
  • Visit the Immigration and Passport Department of the Ministry of Interior with documents such as health insurance paper, copy of dependent's passport and copy of sponsor's civil ID.
  • Get the papers signed and stamped by the person incharge, paying the requisite fee.
  • Submit all the documents, and get new residency affixed on the passport, reflecting the extended date.
  • Thereafter, the sponsor can move on to the next task of renewing the Civil IDs of the dependents.

Kuwait Domestic Help Visa

Domestic Servant Visa is issued to a resident expatriate’s full-time domestic help, sourced from outside Kuwait. The resident expat will be the sponsor for this type of visa. Expat families are allowed to bring a maid into Kuwait.

Requirement for domestic help visa:

  • In case of male sponsor, you should have a wife living with you, if you are hiring a female domestic help.
  • Age limit for the help is between 20 to 50 years.
  • Domestic help visa is not applicable to immediate family members or relatives of any degree of consanguinity.
  • No minimum salary is required if the sponsor husband and wife are both working, and if the sponsor family includes children.

Required documents for Domestic help visa:

  • Salary certificates of sponsor and wife
  • Copy of house rental agreement
  • Copy of Sponsor's and his wife's passports
  • Age proof of children
  • Copy of sponsor and his wife's civil ID
  • Copy of domestic help's passport and eight passport sized photographs
  • Copy of work contract of the domestic help

The visa applications and the relevant documents should be submitted at ‘Jawazaat’ in Shuwaikh. The application form has to be filled in Arabic. The domestic help will have to pay a residence fee of KD200 for first year and KD10 for succeeding years.

The immigration official is in-charge of the approval of domestic servant visa who will look into several aspects like sponsor's house size, monthly income and actual need for a maid.

You can also go through Kuwait agencies for recruitment of domestic helps, but, it must be ensured that the agencies are reliable, as a few have bad reputations.

Other Types of Residence Visa

Residence Visa for Newborn

Expats in Kuwait should get an 'Iqama (visa)' when their child is born in the country. It is a dependent Kuwait Visa or Iqama for the child.

Requirements for New Born Child Kuwait Visa:

  • Father can sponsor his child's residence
  • No minimum salary requirement
  • Official birth certificate of the child is needed
  • Copy of parents passports
  • Copy of parents Civil ID
  • Authenticated marriage contract
  • Proposed first name of the child.
  • Application form

To obtain residency for the child, the child’s name should be added to parent’s passport. Or else, obtain a separate passport for the child. If the child has his or her own passport, the child can travel without parent, if required. Once, the child’s name is included or if the child obtains a passport, a child’s residence can be obtained. The fee is KD10 per year.

However, parents on domestic help visa are not allowed to keep their child in Kuwait.

Temporary Residence Visa

The temporary residence visa permits is a different category of residence visas that permit a stay of up to one year. These are offered when an ordinary residence visa need not or cannot be obtained.

Such visas are usually granted only to visitors with personal emergencies such as illnesses, or western businessmen who can obtain temporary residence without difficulty.

Sometimes, temporary residence visas for just three months are also granted to immediate relatives of residents whose visit visas have expired.

Such visas are also sometimes granted to expats who have resigned from their jobs, but need to stay in Kuwait for some time to settle their financial issues or a court case. Such visa is automatically cancelled when the holder leaves Kuwait.

Required Documents:

  • Original passport of the sponsored and a copy
  • Entrance visa used by the sponsored to enter the country
  • Two personal photos of the sponsored
  • Signature authorization of the sponsor and a copy
  • Work permit issued from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
  • Health Insurance Certificate
  • Signature authorization for companies and establishments
  • Copy of the Civil ID of the sponsor

Note: The visa regulations are often subject to change and hence, it is recommended that you check the latest updates from your local visa section of the Kuwait Embassy in the country when you currently reside.

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