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Al Salam International Hospital

Tel: +965 22232000, +965 22232222, Fax: +965 22540167
P.O.Box: No.11023, Dasma 35151,

Al Salam international Hospital is a pioneer in healthcare sector in the region, while being considered as a benchmark in Healthcare Industry. In line with its heritage, Al Salam International Hospital provides customers with high quality and safe comprehensive healthcare services in a caring and ethical environment.

Management of Al Salam International Hospital is proud to take the lead in the most advanced and exciting healthcare enterprise ever ventured within the private sector of the State of Kuwait. This facility is available to both the private Kuwaiti and expatriate market on both outpatient and inpatient basis and the patients are guaranteed the highest quality individualized care to help them improve their total wellness and meet or even exceed their expectations.

Al-Salam International Hospital provides specialized Medical Care Services in fields such as Obstetric Gynecology, Surgical, Medical, Pediatric and Critical Care Services. As a commitment to its logo statement “Excellence in Patient Care” and utilizing the Accreditation Canada Performance Improvement Standards as a mean of fulfilling the organizational mission and vision, SIH ensures the acquisition of state-of-art technology, recruitment of highly qualified and trained clinical and non-clinical workforce, provision of continuing education programs and keep abreast with evidence-based practices.

Al Salam International Hospital has undertaken a commitment by signing with Accreditation Canada in May 2008 to sit for Accreditation. On the campus are residences that provide convenient housing for physicians, directors, managers and nursing staff, and for on-call technical personnel.

Planned along the highest standards of the industry to represent the pinnacle private medicine, Al Salam International Hospital is designed to operate primarily as a special secondary care facility. Fortunately, the flexibility and extended capacity of the facility to over 166 beds is allowing it to also provide a variety of new tertiary care services such as dialysis. These services are limited in the private medical facilities in Kuwait.

The S.I.H also offers a wide range of special clinic services designed to assist the particular needs of the population such as: Dental services, Diabetes and Hypertension, Dialysis, Obesity, Maternal-child healthcare.

The following units are managed by the Nursing services, adequately staffed to ensure International standards of Nurse: Patient Ratio.

Maternity Services

  • Inpatient Maternity wards
  • Delivery Suite
  • Nursery, NICU, SCU,
  • Obs ER
  • Maternity Home visits

Inpatient Services

  • Medical Surgical wards
  • Coronary care unit
  • Emergency Unit
  • Home visits and Home care services

Critical Care Services

  • Operating Theatre, PACU
  • ICU
  • Day Surgery and Endoscopy unit
  • CSSD

Ambulatory Services

  • Specialty clinics
  • Ambulance Service


Dietary Services provides optimal nutritional care and quality food services to patients. A Clinical Dietitian is available to perform nutritional assessment on every patient and for continuous monitoring of the services.

Radiology and Medical Imaging – encompasses the familiar conventional radiology, using x-rays and the newer modalities for assisting in diagnosis, including ultrasonography, CT scanning, MRI mammography and dental delivered by highly qualified, experienced Radiologists.

nvasive or interventional Radiography is now available, and the latest Radiography equipment has been installed to give the best possible results in assisting physician in your diagnosis. The latest cutting-edge technology has been installed to further improve Radiology’s range of service for the needs of patient and his family. From an MRI of 1.5 T to a CT Scan with 16 slices to strengthen diagnosis to a cardiovascular ultrasound.