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Al Adan Hospital

Tel: +965 3940600 Fax: +965 3967840
Mahboula-Fahaheel Area

Al Adan Hospital is one of the biggest general governmental hospitals in Kuwait, with a total of 600 bed capacity. It was built in 1981 to offer medical health services to Al Ahmadi region. Kuwait is divided to 5 medical health areas. Al.Ahmadi is located south of Kuwait and with a population of 600,000.

In 1992 a new area was founded, called Mubarek Al Kabeer medical health area which is also covered by Al Adan hospital.

Surgical Department:

One of the main departments in the hospital with a total of 90 beds divided into male and female wards. There are 10 theatre sessions per week and 24 hour emergency theatre.

The department is recognized by the royal college as a teaching department since 1985. We have firm contact with Faculty of Medicine to teach the medical students as well as train the postgraduate surgeons.

The department receives emergency and elective cases. Variety of general surgical and urology procedures are performed through open and laparoscopic approaches.

The specialty services offered by the hospital are General Surgery and Urology.

The services offered by the hospital include out-patient clinic, in-patient wards, Endoscopy suite, Diabetic foot clinic, ESWL Unit, Urodynamic unit, Main operating theatre, obesity clinic and rectal clinic.