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Govt to motivate Kuwaitis to work in private sector

Other Kuwait City 29 Apr 22
Govt to motivate Kuwaitis to work in private sector
Kuwait Civil Service Commission is implementing a plan to develop a mechanism to attract citizens to work in the private sector.
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Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait City
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29 April 2022, 12:00 AM
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31 May 2022, 12:00 AM

The Civil Service Commission, in coordination with the Public Authority for Manpower, is implementing a plan to develop a mechanism to attract citizens to work in the private sector and enhance job security, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Based on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers, the concerned government agencies are seeking to raise the percentage of Kuwaitis in the private sector as the number of national workers in the sector is 72,200 citizens out of 1.434 million workers.

According to recent labor market data, the private sector witnessed a decrease in the number of Kuwaitis compared to the 2021 and the previous year, with a total of 759 citizens leaving their jobs. The data, of which Al-Qabas obtained a copy, indicated that 18,573 job-seekers have been registered with the Public Authority for Manpower over the past six months and are currently waiting for an opening, receiving unemployment support.

Meanwhile, recent labor market data shows 18,573 job seekers are registered with PAM during past 6 months, 2,523 Kuwaitis were registered in the authority’s systems during the current year, 1,645 citizens wanted to get private sector jobs and 10,442 Kuwaitis had requested for private sector employment during the past year.

The authorities have developed recent scenarios to support national employment in the private sector, starting with increasing support, whether for university graduates or other certificate holders, so that the salary in this sector is close to or equal to what the government employee receives.

A senior government source told Al-Qabas that what is more important than increasing the support for the workforce, which the government is currently studying, is working to achieve job security, as this will be by setting the terms of Kuwaiti contracts in private sector companies. The source added that the goal of the steps that will be announced soon, is to motivate citizens to work in the private sector by providing financial support and achieving the required security. The source pointed out that the plan is still under study and may include other stimulating mechanisms.

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