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Flexible working hours for teachers from today

Latest News Kuwait City 01 Mar 24
Flexible working hours for teachers from today
Ministry introduces flexible working hours for teachers from today.
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Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait City
Start Time
01 March 2024, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 March 2024, 12:00 AM

The Ministry of Education has announced the implementation of an experimental mechanism for flexible working hours starting today. This decision comes just days after the introduction of fingerprinting for teachers, reflecting the ministry’s commitment to modernizing the education sector.

Teachers will now have the flexibility to manage their attendance and departure from schools based on their daily schedules, while still fulfilling their teaching obligations. This move aligns with the regulations of the Civil Service Commission, ensuring fairness and integrity in the workplace.

Under the direct instructions of Dr. Adel Al-Adwani, Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the initiative seeks to create a more conducive environment for educators. Anwar Al-Hamdan, the acting Undersecretary of Education, explained that the integration of the fingerprint attendance system with flexible working hours is designed to accommodate the unique nature of the teaching profession.

The experimental mechanism for flexible working hours will be implemented across all types of educational institutions, including kindergarten, public, private (Arabic), religious, and special education schools. Al-Hamdan emphasized that the determination of actual working hours has been done in accordance with existing systems and regulations, with the aim of providing a comfortable and productive work environment.

According to the new guidelines, kindergarten teachers will have a daily working period of 5 hours, while teachers in other stages of education will work for 6 hours per day, inclusive of a 45-minute grace period. School administrations are mandated to enforce these hours, while allowances for permissions and absences will be granted in accordance with applicable laws and procedures.

Also, decisions regarding reductions in working hours will be made in compliance with relevant legislation, including the Law on the Rights of the Child and People with Special Needs, as well as medical guidelines.

The implementation of flexible working hours underscores the ministry’s commitment to supporting the well-being of teachers and improving overall job satisfaction within the education sector. By providing teachers with greater autonomy over their schedules, the ministry aims to foster a more balanced and efficient workforce, ultimately benefitting students and educators alike.

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