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Festivals and Events in Kuwait

Hala February

Festivals play a vital role in promoting tourism in Kuwait. Visitors who arrive during the springtime in Kuwait, get to experience the Hala February, one of the most dazzling festivals in Kuwait. The Hala February is an annual event, celebrated in the spring season every year. The Hala February is, basically, a month-long commemoration of liberation of Kuwait, and runs from 1st February to 28th February.

On your visit to Kuwait during the springtime, you get special reception due to the month long celebration of Hala February in Kuwait, which is a true blend of culture, events, shopping and entertainments. The atmosphere is filled with real Arabian warmth and hospitality this season. The festival is celebrated with cultural celebrations, annual parades, and colourful events organized throughout the country. Shoppers stand to gain huge discounts on their purchases during the season.

Hala February is the right time for both young and old to visit Kuwait and participate in a series of events including cultural festivals, raffles, shopping carnivals, tourist spots and contests.  Kuwait also offers special accommodation and airfare packages during the festival.