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Gift Exhibition

The Gift Exhibition in Kuwait is a bi-annual event, which focuses on gift articles and showcase items alone. The Gift Exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in Kuwait.

The event is held at the International Fair Ground in Mishref, Kuwait City. You can find export quality gift and home products in this exhibition, which involves participation of renowned importers and exporters from local and global markets, manufacturers, traders and general public. Apart from gift items, cosmetics and beauty products are also on the display here.

The gift items ranging from interior design products to crystal ware are on the display here. The exhibition brings customers face-to-face with sellers, and you get to pick a range of gift products including perfumes, antiques, carpets, cosmetics, acrylic, handicrafts, wrist watches, souvenirs, perfumes, leather items and more.

The bi-annual event is usually held at the Kuwait International Fair Ground during the period November to December, and during March to April.