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Abundance of shrimp, local fish in the market

Food Kuwait City 09 Nov 23
Abundance of shrimp, local fish in the market
Report: Abundance of shrimp and local fish in the market. Prices also remain affordable for all consumers.
Event Location
Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait City
Start Time
09 November 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 December 2023, 12:00 AM

There has been a notable surge in demand for both local and imported fish in recent times, with a particular emphasis on Kuwaiti shrimp . The availability of fresh local and imported fish has attracted citizens and residents to the market, and prices remain affordable for all consumers.

The Kuwaiti Shuaum is available for 3.5 Dinars per kilogram, while shrimp prices have reached 80 Dinars for a basket of jumbo-sized shrimp. The Iranian Zubaidi (Pompfret) is being sold for 6 Kuwaiti Dinars, a competitive price compared to 9 Dinars for the Kuwaiti variant.

According to market vendors, the fish market in the Eastern region has witnessed increased interest from citizens and residents who seek fresh local and imported fish to adorn their dining tables. Kuwaiti shrimp, in particular, is in high demand due to its increasing availability and larger sizes.

Seller Hamid Muslim stated that the market conditions have been favorable in recent days. Various types of fresh local fish and imported fish from Iran, Pakistan, India, and other regions are readily available. There is a significant supply, and fish enthusiasts are showing great interest these days, which is a reason for gratitude.

Muslim pointed out that the best fish types available are the ones caught in Kuwait’s territorial waters and the imported ones from Iran.

He added that the prices are affordable for everyone, with stalls offering various fish types at special prices. For instance, the Iranian Zubaidi is priced at 6 Dinars, a significant saving compared to the 9 Dinars for the Kuwaiti version. Additionally, Kuwaiti Shuaum is available for 3.5 Dinars per kilogram, while Balool (another fish) from Iran is sold for 4.5 Dinars, and Kuwaiti Shaheen for 6 Dinars.

The fish market is witnessing increased demand from consumers, and prices remain competitive for a variety of local and imported fish, with Kuwaiti shrimp being a popular choice among shoppers. The abundance of fish has resulted in lower prices, providing relief to market vendors.

Seller Saeed Al-Iraqi added that fish prices are excellent, with Kuwaiti shrimp selling for 3.5 Dinars at the stalls, while Jumbo-sized shrimp are priced at 4.5 Dinars. Basket prices for Jumbo shrimp have reached 85 Dinars. Kuwaiti Hamour fish is exceptionally rare, but there is Turkish Seabass, with a price ranging from 3 to 5 Dinars per kilogram based on size. In comparison, Supreme fish sells for 2.5 Dinars and Norwegian Salmon for 4 Dinars. Turkish Dentex is available for 2.5 Dinars.

As for Ali Abou Ghali, the availability of imported shrimp, including the Saudi-farmed ones, helps reduce the price of local shrimp due to the large quantities flooding the market. The price of a kilogram of local shrimp ranges from 2.5 to 3 Dinars, depending on the size, while the Jumbo-sized shrimp is priced higher.

People’s interest in the market to purchase fish has increased in recent days, with all types of fish available, including Nuweibi, Shuaum, and Sabeeti, in addition to Iranian and Pakistani fish. This abundance has led to lower prices, providing relief to stall owners, in contrast to the summer months when local fish supply tends to decrease.

Kuwait fish market

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