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Kuwait to import clean water from Tajikistan

Food, Latest News Kuwait City 23 Mar 23
Kuwait to import clean water from Tajikistan
Kuwait to import clean water from Tajikistan, says Tajikistan envoy.
Event Location
Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait City
Start Time
23 March 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 April 2023, 12:00 AM

Ambassador of Tajikistan to Kuwait Dr Zubaidullah Zubaidov has confirmed support for Kuwait’s initiatives, especially those related to water resources; stressing that the Kuwaiti side is keen on obtaining clean water from Tajikistan.

Zubaidov made the announcement in a recent press conference with the participation of Ambassador of the Netherlands to Kuwait Laurens Westhoff and acting Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Dr Asaad Hafeez on the water conference – Tajik-Dutch initiative – that the UN will host at the end of this month.

He revealed that a Kuwaiti company unveiled its plan to import water estimated at thousands of gallons from Tajikistan to Kuwait through the sea via Pakistan due to the close distance between the marine ports of the two countries. He said his country’s relations with Kuwait in all fields are developing significantly, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Meanwhile, Hafeez stated that the Arab region faces unique challenges due to the climate related to water scarcity; which exacerbates climate change, population growth and political instability. He added the availability of fresh water in the region is limited, while many countries depend heavily on non-renewable and rapidly depleting groundwater resources. He also talked about the main water challenges that Kuwait is facing; such as the growing scarcity of water and increasing financial, economic and environmental impacts associated with meeting the demand for water in various sectors. He explained these challenges are expected to increase due to rapid population growth and urbanization, rising demand for food, effects of climate change, unsustainable consumption, water losses, insufficient water, and continuous degradation and depletion of groundwater resources.

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