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Kuwait NGOs launch declaration against hate speech

Corona Update Kuwait City 23 Jun 20
Kuwait NGOs launch declaration against hate speech
Kuwait NGOs launch declaration against hate speech. The Signatories insist on safeguarding human rights, promoting tolerance in COVID-19 crisis
Event Location
Kuwait , Kuwait
Kuwait City
Start Time
23 June 2020, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 June 2020, 12:00 AM

Twenty-five non-governmental organisations, led by the Kuwait Society for Human Rights, have launched a declaration against hate speech in the time of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The NGOs also expressed repudiation of community divisions and all forms of engagement in incitement to discrimination, violence or spread of hate. The groups have described safeguarding human rights during the COVID-19 crisis a “challenge” to every country, citing incitement to hatred on social media.

“Freedom of expression should not be used in any form to incite against others, belittle them or undermine their dignity,” the signatories said in their declaration.

The signatories also called for resorting to official channels to express objections to “messages of violence, hate and incitement”. Competent agencies, they said, should be notified of provocation to violence and hate.

“Civil officials, religious and community leaders, members of the judiciary and media organisations should play an important role in enhancing culture of peace, tolerance, mutual respect and open expression of rejecting hate speech," they added, admonishing against “legitimising” hate speech.

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