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Festivals & Events in Kuwait

  • Kuwait International Trade Fair

    The Kuwait International Trade Fair is organized by the Kuwait International Fair Company and is held in Mishref in Kuwait, and is the leading trade expo for Household Consumables & Home Supplies Industry in Kuwait.

  • Kuwait International Modern House Exhibition

    Kuwait International Modern House Exhibition is usually held at the halls of International Fair Grounds at Mishref, and is located in proximity to the airport. The Kuwait International Modern House Exhibition is a fair about modern furniture, upholsteries and furnishings.

  • International Perfumes and Cosmetics Exhibition

    The International Perfumes and Cosmetics Exhibition in Kuwait is particularly of interest to ladies, and aims at showcasing beauty products, cosmetics and perfumes from premium companies in Saudi Arabia, France, USA, UK, UAE and other nations. It is one of the major events in the region that blends ancient, oiled scents from Arabian Gulf, modern cosmetic brands and everything else in-between.

  • Gold and Jewellery Exhibition

    The Gold and Jewellery Exhibition in Kuwait is held at the International Fair Ground in the main city of Kuwait, and is the only international trade event, dedicated to fashion jewellery and accessories.

  • Gift Exhibition

    The Gift Exhibition in Kuwait is a bi-annual event, which focuses on gift articles and showcase items alone. The Gift Exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in Kuwait.

  • Festival of Eid

    In Kuwait, majority of the population are followers of Islam. Therefore, Eid is an important religious festival in Kuwait, and it is marked as a national holiday. Eid, also referred to as 'Eid ul fitr', is celebrated over the successful completion of the month of Ramadan.

  • Hala February

    Festivals play a vital role in promoting tourism in Kuwait. Visitors who arrive during the springtime in Kuwait, get to experience the Hala February, one of the most dazzling festivals in Kuwait. The Hala February is an annual event, celebrated in the spring season every year. The Hala February is, basically, a month-long commemoration of liberation of Kuwait, and runs from 1st February to 28th February.

  • Kuwait Jazz Festival

    The Kuwait Jazz Festival (also known as the Gulf Jazz Fetival) is held during the spring season at Radisson SAS Hotel, every year. It features various styles of jazz performed by internationally renowned jazz artists, and also involves participation of local Kuwaiti musicians. The Jazz festival is the only annual regional music festival of its kind.