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Education in Kuwait

Universities in Kuwait

For higher education in Kuwait, there are two state-supported institutions – the Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. The Kuwaiti Government also offers excellent foreign scholarship programs, which supports Kuwaiti scholars who are accepted to Universities in United States, United Kingdom and other foreign nations.

  • Kuwait University

    It is a co-educational institution involving five campuses. Ever-since its establishment in 1966, the university has grown and expanded to include numerous colleges and department, with atleast 15 scientific colleges. Some Kuwait University colleges have also received academic accreditation, as they offer a range of programs in sciences and humanities, at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels. Kuwait University includes colleges in arts, dentistry, engineering, education, graduate studies, law, pharmacy, medical science, medicine, sciences, social sciences, Engineering and Petroleum, allied health science, business administration, architecture and Shariah & Islamic studies, and for women.


    Kuwait University
    PO Box 5969, Safat Kuwait City
    13060 Al-Kuwayt
    Tel: +965 2481 1188 Fax: +965 2484 8648
    Website: http://www.kuniv.edu.kw/

  • The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training

    The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) was established to incorporate several educational facilities required to cater to technical and vocational training needs in Kuwait.

    PAAET is responsible to offer and develop a national labour force to meet the developmental requirements of the nation. It works towards diversification of national economy by training students for careers other than the oil industry.

    Apart from this, there are several private post-secondary colleges and universities that have been approved by Ministry of Higher Education, such as Gulf University for Science and Technology, American University of Kuwait, Australian College of Kuwait, Maastricht School for MBA, Box-Hill College for Girls, and Gulf American College.


    PO. 23 167 b – Zip Safat 13092
    State of Kuwait Adailiya – a piece of 4-to-Ring III
    Email: feedback@paaet.edu.kw

    There are several private institutions in Kuwait that offer part-time or full-time courses in various fields.

  • American University of Kuwait AUK)

    The American University of Kuwait is an independent, private and co-educational liberal arts institution of higher education located in Salmiya. The method of education, culture and administrative structure are all based on American model of higher learning, with English being the medium of instruction.

    It has two schools namely, the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Management.

    American University of Kuwait
    P.O.Box 3323, Safat 13034, Kuwait
    Tel: +965 2224 8399

  • American University of Middle East AUM)

    The state-of-the-art technology resources and well-engineered platforms enable students with accessibility to all resources at the worldwide level at incredible speeds. All facilities are planned on par with international standards, maintaining specific ratios in relation to student body or staff levels.

    Among the learning facilities here are labs and workshops that emphasize practical skill development and a model of real work situations, with workshops such as general purpose computer labs, specialty IT labs, Audiology and Speech sciences labs, English Conversation Workshops, Engineering and Technology labs and Digital Library facilities.

    It offers College of Business, College of Engineering, MBA Programs, and Pre-College Program.

    The extracurricular activities too form major part of AUM curriculum, and therefore the University includes several Exhibition Halls, General Purpose Halls used for social activities, student cultural activities, sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, and soccer field.


    Postal address: The American University of Middle East
    P.O. Box 220, Dasman, 1543 Kuwait.

    Street address: The American University of Middle East
    Block 3, Building 1, Egaila Area, Kuwait
    Fax: +965 22251427
    Website: http://www.aum.edu.kw/

  • The Arab Open University – Kuwait (AOU – Kuwait)

    The Arab Open Universities offers academic degrees in BSc (Hons) – Information Technology, Computing, Computing with Business, BA in Business Studies – Systems, Economic, Accounting, Marketing, Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature, Bachelor Degree in Education.

    AOU – Kuwait
    Kuwait Al-Khaitan – Block 2
    Sharhabeel Street, 395 Hawalli, P.O. Box 32004
    Al-Jabria, Kuwait

    Tel: +965 24767291 Fax: +965 24767286
    Website: www.aou.edu.kw

  • Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)

    GUST is a private university in Kuwait, established in association with University of Missouri, USA to offer higher education in Arts, Business, and Science and Technology.

    GUST offers a range of undergraduate programs that help graduates to take up responsibilities of leadership in both public and private sectors. The programs help in preparing students for graduate studies whether in the region or abroad.

    GUST has two academic colleges – College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Business Administration. The College of Arts and Sciences offers various BA degree programs offered by department of English, Linguistics and Translation, English literature, and English Education.

    The Department of Mass Communication offers a BA degree in areas of Visual Communications, Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Radio and Television. The computer science department also offers a BS degree in Computer Science.

    The College of Business Administration offers three BS degree programs in the stream of Accounting, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, with focus on Finance, Management, Marketing and International Business.

    Postal address: Gulf University for Science and Technology
    P.B No.7207, Hawally 32093

    Street address: Gulf University for Science and Technolgy
    Block 5, Building 1,
    Mubarak Al-Abdullah Area / West Mishref
    Tel: +965 2530 7000, +965 2530 7030
    Email: info@gust.edu.kw, Website: www.gust.edu.kw

  • Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization (KIMS)

    KIMS, established in 1984, the KIMS is involved in several activities including organization of internship training pre-registration medical graduates, specialty training at various levels, medical education programs for health professionals practising in Kuwait.

    The MPC Program of KIMS is recognized by ‘The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’. KIMS conducts a range of training programs for medical graduates and health professionals, under the categories of Internship Program, Postgraduate training, Specialty and Fellowship Program, and Continuing Medical Education.

    Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization
    10th Floor, Behbehani Building, Al-Sharq
    P.O. Box 1793, Safat 13018, Kuwait
    Tel: +965 2418782 Fax: +965 2410028
    Email: info@kims.org.kw

  • Australian College of Kuwait (ACK)

    The ACK is the first private college for vocational education in Kuwait, offering best vocational courses with Australian and international staff. It offers the 2+2 model of study towards a degree.

    Postal address: Australian College of Kuwait
    P.O. Box 1411
    Safat 13015

    Street address: Australian College of Kuwait
    Student Admissions - West Mishref
    Mubarak Al-Abdullah Al-Jaber Area
    Block 5 - Al Aqsa Mosque Street
    Building 1

    Tel: + 965 25376111 Fax: + 965 25376222

  • Kuwait Maastricht Business School (KMBS)

    The KMBS is a private business college in Kuwait City. Founded in 2003, it is a counterpart of Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in Netherlands. It offers the first private graduate level business administration degree (MBA) in Kuwait. Currently, KMBS is the only internationally accredited business school in Kuwait, which is recognized world-wide. KMBS holds the 35th rank among the list of Asia’s Most Popular Business Schools last year.

    Kuwait Maastricht Business School
    Al-Dasmah, Block 3, Kazma Street,
    Tel: +965 2251 7091 Fax: +965 2254 5791 Website: www.kmbs.edu.kw