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Express Technical

Khalifa Jassim Street ,Shuwaikh Industrial Area B . 8-10 AJ Complex, Behind safety international, Kuwait Tel :+96522286217 / +96555364264 https://www.expresskuwait.com
Buy Forx Screws In Kuwait
Looking for the best place to buy Forx screws in Kuwait? Look no further than Expresskuwait.com! We offer a wide variety of screws for all your needs. We provide the finest and most advanced screws in Kuwait.

Buy Forx screws online in Kuwait at Expresskuwait. We have big collection of machine hardware items where you can buy fasteners at best price.

Express Technical is a key agent, stockist and distributor of fasteners in and around Kuwait for more than two decades. We are suppliers of high quality Building material, Such as Bolt, Nuts, Screws and Anchors as well as vast variety of other fastening and packaging products.

Established in Kuwait since 1999 with a network of specialized Sales team and the best service offered to the Construction and Aluminium industry in particular. We are even specialized in Stainless Steel Screws, Nuts, Bolts and other technical commodities and services.

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