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Fresh Island General Trading Company WLL

Office 9, 17th Floor, Al Adala Tower Building-15, Near Majid Round About, Mirgab, Kuwait 22421170 22421170 http://freshislandcompany.com
We are a leading wholesale food services company in Kuwait.
A team of more than 80 members are committed for QUALITY control. We have been successful in establishing long-term business and personal relationships with companies and individuals that share and practice the mutual belief that honesty, integrity, and reliability are very important to everyone’s success. These relationships have allowed us to become a leading company. We supply to Catering Companies and restaurants and medium grocery stores, wholesale hyper markets all over Kuwait.

FRESH ISLAND has been able to achieve the highest standards in Food Services, due to the kind assistance of the “Customers.” We know that our mission is not realized until it is recognized as the primary reason each of our customers and suppliers choose to work with us. Our past, present, and future long-term commitment to the industry and to each of our customers And suppliers is made possible through our collective experience and our belief in the importance of honesty, integrity, reliability, long-standing relationships, and trust.

Our aim is to be recognized as global leader in traditional, natural and most authentic rice producer along-with socio-economic development of all stake-holders and community at large.

Our endeavour remains to deliver value for money and consistent quality incessantly.

Customers’ joy is our most valued possession. We put in a lot to ensure that the customer cherishes experience with us.

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Fresh Island Company