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Things to do in Kuwait

  • Pearl Diving

    The Annual Pearl Diving festivals help the current generation to experience the hardship and excitement of pearl diving, which their forefathers once experienced. The festivals are a tribute to men who dedicated their lives to the pearling industry. The youngsters prepare in advance for the event by training themselves in sailing and diving, interacting with old divers and experienced captains, and get familiarized with the equipment. The attire of today’s pearl-divers are identical to those worn by their forefathers. During the dive, the diver is secured to the railing of the ship with a rope, tied around his waist. Once he is ready to surface, he tugs on the rope, which his helper holds all through, and the latter then pulls back the diver. The end of the festival is celebrated by singing and dancing.

  • Sea Clubs

    Most sea clubs in Kuwait offer a variety of facilities such as outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, beaches, bowling, gymnasiums and karate. There are five sea clubs currently run by the KTEC. Each club allocates a particular day exclusively for women and children.  Ras Al-Ardh is a sea club exclusively reserved for children and women. Kuwait also has several private sea clubs.

  • Water Sports

    Tourists are required to buy their own equipments from dealers for windsurfing, boating, water-skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving and yachting, as the facilities for hiring these equipments are very few. Most of such sports could be enjoyed away from the beaches along the coast.

  • Yachting

    Kuwait is considered to be the sailor’s paradise. The sea’s offshore is seldom rough. The yacht club has a marina with about 300 fully serviced berths. Most sea clubs have marinas and organize sailing activities. The Kuwait Offshore Sailing Association often organizes races.

  • Trips to the Islands

    Taking boat trip to the islands such as Kubbar, could be a pleasant experience with picnicking and swimming in the island. A dhow could be hired for a few hundred KD, which could be ideal for a small family outing together.

  • Fishing

    Most experts use home-made equipments for fishing, though simple and sophisticated fishing tackle is readily available in the shops. One could go fishing with long casting rods from ends of piers and prominent rocks using simple hooks, lines, poles or wireless baskets.

  • Sports

    For those interested in Archery, there is the National Archery Center in the Hunting and Equestrian Club, and anyone could make use of it at a nominal fee. Among the other popular sports in Kuwait are the Basketball and Bowling. Also, for those interested in Equestrian Sports, the Hunting and Equestrian Club on the sixth Ring Road offers race tracks, gymkhana and riding facilities, squash courts, tennis, swimming pools, restaurant, bowling alley, and indoor sports area. Ice-skating at the Ice Skating Rink on the first Ring Road, and motorbike racing are other sporting activities in Kuwait, worth a try.