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Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait

Established in March 1980, the Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait is a major landmark and makes a great sporting amenity. The Rink, being the first of its kind in the region, spreads over an area of 8398 square meters along the Green Fence Area of Kuwait City.

ice skating rink

The Rink has two main rinks. First, is the Olympic Rink with ice covering 1800 square meters, with seating capacity for 1600 spectators. It also offers other basic amenities, including a shoe-changing room, skating equipment store, and first aid facility. The arena includes cafeteria serving pastries, snacks and various drinks.

The second rink has a seating capacity for 600 viewers, and a cafeteria offering snacks and drinks.

Kuwait Falcons, the national ice-hockey team was established in 1981. Foreign teams are also invited to perform in Kuwait. The rink also organizes various musical artistic festivals, and kids’ shows.

Ice Skating Rink could be the best place to cool down in summer. Rental skates are available if required. At times, events are arranged here, and there is a McDonald’s too, for those who are hungry after the skate.


Al-Soor St. & First Ring Road Shamiya
Tel: 22411151 / 52


Open from 8:30 to 22:00 hours daily

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